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wapwand March 2014
(new) north face jacket hype [80]
why is it that everyone is wearing these things? or the super dry ones, i see every jobless chavy hobo with one and wonder how they can afford such an
wapwand October 2013
(new) 15 years! [21]
15 years for that woman who starved her baby, the world has really gone mad!
wapwand September 2013
(new) moaning about the cold [53]
why are people in the uk starting to moan saying (oh it so cold) its not cold at all lol its t shirt weather still! whats up with ya lol

* Replies:
wapwand 4 hours 44 minutes
Best of the 90s was tots t.v, a cult show that was! But the god of kids tv has to be sweep!
wapwand 4 hours 44 minutes
Jamie! Jamie jamie and the magic torch, and trapdoor was awsome..burke feed me!
wapwand 4 hours 44 minutes
You are an odd one grin.gif
wapwand 4 hours 44 minutes
Says a startrek fan lol
wapwand 2 days
Why you telling us ya weirdo lol

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easybud1 February 2014
(new) PLS SUM1 HELP ME !! [42]
im a young talented promising footballer,pls som1 help me realise my dream of a prof ready for any trial

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