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zonino June 2019
(new) h0arding [31]
Are you a h0arder? What do you consider a h0arders? I have a full house of stuff. Furniture, kitchen stuff, tools and a bunch of screws and caulk stuf
zonino June 2019
(new) Body mods [42]
What have you got? What are you getting? What do you really want but will never get?
zonino June 2019
(new) Nice stuff [40]
How important is it to you to have nice stuff? Fancy furniture or a big tv. All that jazz. Or are you happy with a comfy old couch?
zonino April 2019
(new) Cuffing season (8)
Or Seasonal Dating Disorder For those playing at home it's Autumn here, the leaves are turning pretty colours and the opposite looking more appeali
zonino November 2018
(new) Traveling the world [30]
Who travels? How far or how often? I've only been to 1 country other than the one I live in. How do you normally travel?

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zonino 6 days
I couldn't feel it when I was younger. Haven't tried it since
zonino 2 hours 3 minutes
zonino 2 hours 3 minutes
zonino 1 hour 39 minutes
So all signs point to me being drunk, possibly very drunk by this hour. Except I only feel hayfever, no other symptoms mentally I'm probably sl
zonino 2 hours 3 minutes

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rose01 January 2015
(new) Thoughts 5.0 [59333]
Thoughts ..a topic to pen down whatever's on your mind :))

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