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shadow27 10 minutes
(new) Frexit [12]
Police in France are telling yellow vests that if they want to stay alive they should go back home, multiple cases of elderly and disabled people bein
mrfruity 15 minutes
(new) Only 2 Wiks (5)
T'goo now..I'm that excited thinking what everybody in here gettin me i woke up early hyper.gif
9362 22 minutes
(new) Babes in the wood murders (2)
Convicted paedophile Russell bishop found guilty of these murders after being found not guilty back in 1987.Hope this evil bast*rd dies in jail. Got a
obi_jon 55 minutes
(new) Space Watch pinned [4375]
**official astrophysics thread** A large supernova is currently visible in the night sky. The closest to earth that astrophysicists have observed
trunking 1 hour
(new) Country known for? [28]
What is your chin.gif country usually known for? What comes to mind whenever it's mentioned? For example, the Netherlands is known for its cheese
sally 2 hours 10 minutes
(new) Happiest memory as a kid [100]
The worst memory topic is making me want to cry now, hence this. What's the happiest time you can remember growing up?
ogdenz 2 hours 22 minutes
9362 4 hours 49 minutes
(new) Hated Christmas Songs [24]
Which one's do you absolutely detest? All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey is top of my hate to pile
sidfire7 5 hours 51 minutes
(new) 16.12.2003 [13]
*Back in the day every kid on the street,had his secret password,his s30 forum id. Flowerpower with the phone,Rocking on and on and on. Asking for sid
ogdenz 6 hours 4 minutes
(new) Injured cat. [23]
This is a true story,just wonder whether you feel the person should pay the vet or not.
jain5j 6 hours 7 minutes
(new) Dead forums [34]
Why forums are dead?
newt182 7 hours 10 minutes
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [652]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
sourface 8 hours 38 minutes
(new) Thoughts 14.0 pinned [1146]
Other one was slow and was asked to repost....Go.
sisfreak2017 9 hours 19 minutes
(new) Foamy P155 [16]
Good Morning dreamy.gifcola.gif As per title do you ever find when you go for a wee wee than you urine in the bowl has created something foamy,frothy or like head on a pint of beer .
pmbguy 9 hours 35 minutes
(new) EFF living lavishly while looting from the poor... [17]
It is known by now that the bad boys, brothers Floyd and Brian Shivambu, have been front and centre of the VBS looting scandal. On Friday, the Mail

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