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1clivey1 10 minutes
(new) Trump/usa pinned [225]
Old post slow.....trumps kim talks end abruptly...
xivanax 33 minutes
(new) What do you dunk? [55]
Biscuits tut Whats ya fav thing for dunking? And what you dunking it intae?
sourface 34 minutes
(new) Thoughts 15.0 pinned [347]
Fresh post and was asked to post it...Go
xivanax 1 hour 14 minutes
(new) Whats for supper? [128]
Supper lunch dinner. Whatever you call your evening meal
slwnoris 5 hours 19 minutes
(new) prostitutes /universal credit [73]
In today daily record, a story that honest upstanding women are being forced into this profession, one woman has had 75pounds a week taken from her, s
strawfox 5 hours 22 minutes
(new) God bless NZ [249]
There are multiple fatalities after shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch, police in New Zealand have said
xivanax 5 hours 27 minutes
(new) Toilet talk [34]
How long do you sit for? Curious to how many push and how many contemplate
shpongle 8 hours 40 minutes
(new) Noris fail (9)
Gordon Banks has died and you never told me Noris
tuckerx 9 hours 33 minutes
(new) Last time (10)
When was the last time you were happy? Can you remember when it was? List it here. party.gif
r3ckless 9 hours 54 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [4980]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
ladibud 9 hours 55 minutes
(new) What are you doing now? pinned [1813]
Version 3.... So,shout, let it all out.... Waiting
sisfreak2017 9 hours 57 minutes
(new) CrowdFunding [18]
youcan.gif hysteria.gif quid.gif Hi People's whats your views on Crowd funding , ... . The project or venture by small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Do you think
r3ckless 10 hours 41 minutes
(new) the last thing..... pinned [2029]
you bought? chini bought nightmare on elm street disc set and the hills have eyes 1 and 2
obi_jon 12 hours 4 minutes
(new) Another far-right terrorist incident. [119]
In case you missed it. This incident in Surrey seems to have been overshadowed somewhat by events in Christchurch, NZ. [link]http://www.indepen
kipling 16 hours
(new) Six nations 2019 [216]
We're nearly at that time again , what order from 1st to last do you reckon the teams will finish ? I reckon Ireland will top the table followed by Wa

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