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nancz 2 days
(new) **Story of Ayesha** pinned [1308]
First I wanna ask to you all show some respect and let me finish the story of 'Ayesha'. If anyone posts something irrelevant in this topic Ill ask the
slago 3 days
kristy59 3 days
(new) New CHRISTIAN CHAT BOX pinned [2905]
This post is for all Christians who enjoy chatting with friends and family. However, we do not supply soap boxes for people to air their views on the
newfaith 3 days
(new) Muslim conversion [36]
Is it compulsory to get circumcision while accepting Islam or it's optional. For adults I mean
akramwap 3 days
(new) what is the most false accusation to ISLAM [54]
although i need non-Muslims to participate it But please let us discuss it in pure and true with good manner please !!!
masood4u 10 days
(new) dubai shaikhs [17]
I don't know Dubai Arabs y given land for temple construct in thr land for hindus
masood4u 10 days
(new) stop fake arrests in name of terorists [29]
if in India boys released n got clean chit then al over world sum may b innocents ,, giv legal help them if thy r innocents, sum of examples to show
intended 13 days
(new) Bring Back Our Boys [1346]
3 Israeli boys were kidnapped on Thursday by Palestinian terrorists
blackscorpion 13 days
(new) Muslim/Islamic chat box. pinned [665]
This topic is for Muslims who enjoy chating with other Muslims. So grab a comfortable chair and join us. happy3.gif
n1ck 13 days
(new) Bible Scriptures pinned [1201]
Grace and peace to all who enter here! Brothers and sisters, let us post scriptures from the Bible here daily to uplift and strengthen our faith, and
saher02 14 days
(new) Bondries (2)
Those Bondries r 2 much Bettr which are made 4 us by ALLAH . . .
mohmed62 14 days
(new) Chrislam. [28]
Google it. Is it permissible for a Christian to believe in Mohammed, Quran and Muslims? Does the prophet Jesus pbuh and Bible say this?
khan4u 15 days
(new) Dear muslims ! [65]
your Muhammad said if you eat 7 dates every morning, no poison can harm you. The Prophet said, If somebody takes some 'Ajwa dates every mo
antibacterial 15 days
(new) Gaza,/Iranian attack on Israel [319]
Till now 200 Rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza. That means they declared war on Israel. They will get it soon.
antibacterial 16 days
(new) Pittsburgh synagogue [11]
I was heartbroken and appalled by the murderous attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue.

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