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alladin 29 days
(new) Jscott [58]
Anyone remember this cool admin ? Where are you metul j! Symbian era!
spunkydj April 2019
(new) how many [16]
of use still use a symbian phone
rick1979 April 2019
(new) re (5)
how do i stop browsers saying error while connecting to sites like skysports facebook and etc etc
spunkydj March 2019
(new) Which is better [23]
Opera mobile or uc browser
john_163 February 2019
(new) Remove Symbian [12]
Can Admin Remove Symbian From Phone Forum?? An insted Replace It With CyanogenMod.. i bet many use use CM now Days
loote February 2019
(new) what is the nokia c5 (4)
what is the nokia c5 like as a first phone for my little lad can anyone tell me as i dont have wifi or any tech in my house
flash January 2019
(new) S60 friends [25]
Anyone remember me FLASH I am now at the android forum using a BLU studio G phone good
spunkydj April 2018
(new) Uc browser vs one browser (3)
The best browsers for symbian now
spunkydj April 2018
(new) browser (3)
what is the best browser for a nokia c6
spunkydj February 2018
(new) operaa 8.65 (5)
how do i install opera 8.65 as it keeps saying componant built in
ermah6 January 2018
(new) n95 8gb (3)
i have an n95 8gb running on chinese operating system. Is it posible 4 me to flash it and load the original n95 8gb?
loote July 2017
(new) Nokia 700 (3)
just bought this phone seems good anyone agree
slwnoris July 2017
(new) nokia n73 (9)
can the joy stick be fixed on this? and does anyone know how much it would cost ? thank you kindly
bex79 May 2017
(new) Key Request pinned [6379]
Check 'Key Lists' for all apps that can be registered with keys before you post. Your post will be deleted if the key you request doesn't exist.
spunkydj May 2017
(new) nokia E72 (4)
just got one given also good phone

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