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loote February 2019
(new) what is the nokia c5 (4)
what is the nokia c5 like as a first phone for my little lad can anyone tell me as i dont have wifi or any tech in my house
loote July 2017
(new) Nokia 700 (3)
just bought this phone seems good anyone agree
loote November 2014
(new) best browser (10)
what are the best browsers for nokia E71
loote August 2014
(new) hack (3)
can anyone give me a step by step guide on how to hack my nokia E71
loote November 2011
(new) nokia n95 8 gb [25]
how many of you have this phone i've had mine since it came out and its only went wrong one and that was just the key pad but i think its the best sym

* Replies:
loote April 2019
lucky to even by a symbian device nowadays lol
loote February 2019
no he is five
loote January 2019
Same with me been using nokia c5 as just to get of android and all the tech
loote April 2018
both them browsers rubbish
loote April 2018
what Mel said opera mobile and opera mini dont use Nokia or uc browsers and they dont render sites properly

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