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warded 13 hours
(new) IIHF Hockey World Cup (9)
Finland just beat Canada 3-1 clap
silverjx 10 days 13 days
(new) Champions League (9)
Is it likely for Liverpool to score 3 times against Barcelona?
tasti2 13 days
scruffy1 13 days
(new) Stu7 (2)
Wheres he gone?searching.gif
4juice 17 days
obi_jon 25 days
(new) Fort William FC [32]
Scottish football jokes aside, surely one of the worst performance records ever! This season they have played 5, lost 5, scored 2, conceeded 20! Been
d.boon April 2019
(new) Man City V Spurs Again! But In The EPL (0)
My prediction is that Man City will beat Spurs. The latter will be to consumed to knock Ajax out in the 2 leg semi Champs League match..
d.boon April 2019
(new) National League (1)
Who do think will be auto-promoted? It's very tight at the top
d.boon April 2019
(new) Will Klopp Be A Flop At The Kop [21]
I reckon Klopp will be a semi hit at Liverpool, my prediction is they will finish 3rd or 4th and maybe win the FA Cup or League Cup
18n5abu April 2019
(new) Liverpool [37]
Are going to win the league dance2.gif
edstart April 2019
(new) Wenger (7)
Do you reckon whoever gets the job will realistically do better than sixth next season?
congolai March 2019
(new) ***ARSENAL*** pinned [9775]
Okay guys! Let start afresh as the new season is about to kick off, with our new stadium, new players, with a new topic! Get in and let all chat abou
sayanti9 March 2019
(new) Lets vote. (9)
Who will win 2day the ipl championship? Chennai or Mumbai?
male40 March 2019
(new) man city [12]
champions again

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