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warded 2 days
(new) Notepad applications (7)
When Notepad and Wordpad are not enough. What do you use? I personally use Notepad++ x64 minimalist version and it is very fast and responsive even wi
msxhan 15 days
(new) What is the future of linux? (2)
Linux is best choice for data-analyses and programing but most people use windows an os x inspite of that linux is king
carta28 22 days
(new) FREEWARE pinned [323]
Have you found some useful freeware that you think should be shared? Then post the name of the software, a brief description, what os it w
nfxcr3w 22 days
(new) Share Your Desktop (Max 1100 x xxx) pinned [2468]
not sure if this is been posted before but would be nice to see your creative minds come to life take a snapshot of your desktop and share heres mine
negabite 22 days
(new) Music identifier program help. (8)
Can anyone please give me help on a website that can identify my music on my pc. I got allot of music named track 1, 2, 3... and would like to name th
warded 27 days
(new) ? Best IRC client in your opinion (7)
Have used mirc, xchat, chatzilla, miranda, pidgin, irssi. I usually stuck with pidgin, but due to file transferring bugs i'm testing hexchat (basicall
warded August 2019
(new) Cyberlink Power Media Player 14 (4)
Is caca. Bugs, crashes etc. Even VLC does it better. facepalm
cerberus611 August 2019
(new) The iPod (3)
Can one still pick one up today?
sassy27 August 2019
(new) What type/brand device are you using! [27]
I'm a Samsung lover soooo... There's that!
john_163 July 2019
(new) Hdmi to 3 rca cable (1)
i have a old tv that has 3 rca cable connection...i wana connect my sony home theatre to it..will a hdmi to 3 rca cable work or il need to buy a hdmi
sir_kas July 2019
(new) 4k hdr10 144hz (5)
So I'm looking at getting acer predator xb273kp, looking to update my graphics card, currently on nvidia 1070, does any good job at running 2160x1440
curtlink June 2019
yesterday I got attacked from a flash drive my cousin plugged into my system,im using windows defender it detected the virus but now all my installed
usb3.1 May 2019
(new) New Raspberry Pi 3 B+ [13]
There's a new Pi out now. Much faster processor 1.4Ghz 64bit quad core A53. 3x faster Ethernet, faster Bluetooth and WIFI. Still the same size board a
warded May 2019
(new) Password Strength (5)
PROTIP: a password under 16 characters can be cracked wide open. Also alphanumeric/special character pws have the problem, especially when they are sh
obi_jon May 2019
(new) Whatsapp reveals major security flaw. (4)
Hackers were able to remotely install surveillance software on phones and other devices using a major vulnerability in messaging app WhatsApp, it has

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