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scima 7 hours 35 minutes
(new) Microsoft Exam (0)
Please share Microsoft exam VCE dumps here.
d14nova 2 days
(new) window movie maker (6)
I recorded video from canon camcorder,but when I edited with window movie maker,only voice no pict black on screen, Anyone can help me explain the pro
d14nova 2 days
(new) IDM,Utorrent and bittorrent which one is the best? [13]
I am considering to buy and installs one of them for my laptop.but i am still confusing to choose one of them by security,load file and speed. Average
warded 2 days
(new) Your Media Player of Choice ? (1)
tea.gif What are yours? Mine are: For Video - MPV on Windows (with SMPlayer as a Graphical User Interface) For Audio - foobar2000 on Windows (w
d14nova 2 days
(new) text editor (6)
i learn coding to make a website with html,css,php,and java,which ones of the text editor best for my project work.note pad is very standard while out
blakino 6 days
(new) Camera for indoor videos (3)
Hi, I used Akaso EK7000 to record my children sometimes ago. But the camera got spoiled and the batteries were corrupted. I'm looking forward to by a
spngbob 9 days
(new) Laptop recently slow?!! [13]
My almost one year old laptop, Lenovo G50, I5, 1TB HD, 4GIG RAM, running windows 8.1, has recently become much slower than usual???? I mainly use it f
usb3.1 April 2018
(new) New Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (9)
There's a new Pi out now. Much faster processor 1.4Ghz 64bit quad core A53. 3x faster Ethernet, faster Bluetooth and WIFI. Still the same size board a
kogul5 April 2018
(new) mbios led flicker (2)
Howzit, turns on,fans spinning ECT,but display , keyboard and mouse stay dead.i tried most things already... resetting CMOS... pu
junayd April 2018
(new) Windows 10 auto restarts [12]
My desktop restarts without warning. Ive replaced power cable but still no joy. Anyone with a fix?
skippie7 April 2018
(new) Safe mode disk.sys [12]
I recently installed win 7 on my toshiba laptop. When turning on it freezes at windows startup and restarts. I try booting into safemode but it hangs
1clivey1 March 2018
(new) best camera (9)
ok best everyday camera with decent zoom guys?i mean non phone one thats not costing a fortune March 2018
(new) Anti-virus [11]
Good day.I am wondering about Windows Defender. Is it enough to protect one's computer from viruses? Or, does one also need another anti-virus progr
robbyj March 2018
(new) Hp Omen 900 vs 880 (0)
Hi. I wanted to know which one is better between Hp Omen 900 and 880 . . Cause I can not find any release dates for both products. I will app
1casinova February 2018
(new) future of bitcoin (cryptocurrency)? [16]
What is the future of bitcoin? Will it be accepted all over the world? In many parts of world the bitcoins are accepted as legal. There are differ

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