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nfxcr3w 9 days
(new) Share Your Desktop (Max 1100 x xxx) pinned [2470]
not sure if this is been posted before but would be nice to see your creative minds come to life take a snapshot of your desktop and share heres mine
nfxcr3w September 2012
(new) Surge protector (9)
Just bought one is it worth it for your consoles tv and pc? cause I've been using a normal non surge protector.
nfxcr3w September 2012
(new) PC Hard Drive Power (6)
It keeps losing power like stop spinning then about a min later spin again for a good while then power down then windows freezes then it would start u
nfxcr3w August 2012
(new) VGA to HDMI? (9)
Is there such a thing i can get cause i want to connect my ps3 up to my 22 inch samsung monitor?
nfxcr3w March 2012
(new) Ci Slot HDTV? (2)
What is it used for? I've got it on my HDTV

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nfxcr3w October 2012
google your friend
nfxcr3w October 2012
alienware are the best laptops
nfxcr3w September 2012
What a RCD electric box or surge protector? how would i find out which one im using?
nfxcr3w 9 days
Prefer nothing on my desktop becomes clustered with shortcuts
nfxcr3w September 2012
Can they be turned off? Cause when i switch it off at night by plug it switchs the kick switch off in the electrics

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