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sharkies June 2018
(new) mp3's sites [32]
hi does anyone know any mp3 site's i can download mp3's from???
sharkies November 2016
(new) what phone are you using [87]
hi what phone are you people using now for prodigits and calls
sharkies March 2016
(new) who knows how to unlock from network (5)
anyone know how to unlock from network
sharkies February 2016
(new) dual sim phones in australia (0)
whos the best network to use in a dual sim phone in australia any ideas???
sharkies February 2016
(new) 2G / 3G internet speed (7)
hi is there much different between 2G and 3G internet speed im wondering if there is

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sharkies March 2018
@ 3mel - 29.01.15 - 03:18am that question probably has a different answer for each postcode... <p
sharkies April 2016
how much is 10 in the uk conscired to the aussie dollar
sharkies March 2016
its optus anyone know how to unlock it
sharkies April 2016
@ lakewolf - 10.07.14 - 08:43pm For only 10 get 500 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 1 GB Internet for o
sharkies February 2016
thats not bad how much is that

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