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25mldn 5 hours 48 minutes
(new) Is Leanne hot? (2)
Private Group!
warded 9 hours 20 minutes
(new) Revival of TB (3)
Make the group great again.
warded 9 hours 28 minutes
(new) 7-Zip (2)
Archive program. Next most essential piece of software after your internet browser. Mainly needed for opening .7z , .rar and .zip [i]htt
ezm 21 hours
(new) G's Rap (0)
Gangsta rappers
runestar 22 hours
(new) MPlayer front-end: SMPlayer (5)
runestar 23 hours
(new) Learn how things work (secu.) (3)
Understand what to avoid and what you need to secure more by yourself. simply installing an anti-virus doesn't mean your computer is safe. Personally
warded 23 hours
runestar 23 hours
(new) VLC + VLC Portable (3)
VLC VLC Portable
warded 1 day
(new) RapidCRC (0)
RapidCRC is basically meant for checking the integrity of files with CRC32 or other hashing methods. redalert.gif I personally use RapidCRC Unicode x64 portable. [i]
ang3llily 1 day
(new) Does it turn you on? (0)
Private Group!
runestar 1 day 21 hours
(new) Free disc burning (2)
Fully free: ImgBurn CDBurnerXP Infrarecorder GNOMEBaker Brasero k3b Free versions: (of premium software, limited features)[br
runestar 1 day 21 hours
(new) Don't screw up your ubuntu (5)
runestar 1 day 21 hours
(new) DirectX 11 (4)
hmm.gif well... not worth much mention yet.
warded 1 day 21 hours
(new) Nintendo Switch Mini (4)
Another rumour. read.gif
jscott 2 days
(new) Numptys back again (3)
Just felt like checking in and reconnecting with old friends, I say reconnecting but should really say briefly brushing past as I deftly make way in a
warded 2 days
(new) Current offers / Discounts (5)
faint.gif Way too many to list...
warded 2 days
warded 2 days
warded 2 days
(new) Deadly Premonition 2 (NSW) (1)
A blessing in Disguise coming to Switch in 2020 (read3)
warded 3 days
(new) Nintendo Labo (0)
it's stupid, the end.
warded 3 days
(new) Ring Fit Adventure (0)
Another game for your mom. hahaha.gif
mrsjj 3 days
(new) Hey (0)
Private Group!
warded 3 days
warded 4 days
(new) Nintendo Switch (v2) (2)
It is in stores. read.gif Supposed to have better battery life than v1 (original Switch).
warded 4 days
(new) Internet browser (?) (1)
The switch seems to have it, but it is very limited/restricted. Some games use it to display their EULA and some other info. Trying to open something

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