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3mel 4 hours 41 minutes
leon29 1 day 9 hours
(new) Haven't posted here in a minute (8)
But on Wednesday I went over to the dark side and got a iPhone, my first iPhone, I was the biggest android fan boy but I have not looked back since
alvar89 1 day 9 hours
(new) Samsung Galaxy S8 [17]
Is it really a good phone or laggy and fragile like some say? How is the battery holding up? Im in a rush for a new phone and have the s8 and Sony zx
spunkydj 4 days
(new) galaxy note 2 (7)
Just been offered one for 30 quid can anyone tell me if there any good its in full working order
spunkydj 4 days
(new) Yandex browser (1)
Has anyone tried the yandex browser it seems pretty cool
polo_011 5 days
(new) AnTuTu Benchmark -Your Results [336]
Lets see how our Androids compare, install AnTuTu Benchmark and run the test a few times, then post your best score here. Tell us what Phone, ROM, Ker
dorian2k 7 days
(new) need phone advice [12]
So my sister needs a new phone but her budget is 150... She needs a phone with a nice screen... About 5 inch, and around 16gb of internal memory... Wh
axe69 8 days
(new) s8 slow charging. [34]
sometimes when i charge my phone I get a notification saying my phone is in slow charging mode? is this normal? ive noticed it usually happens when i
knormoer 8 days
(new) SD Card just vanish (9)
SD card just disappear then after restart it is back. Tried it with another SD card and same issue. So I figure it must be phone. Maybe it is after la
spunkydj 15 days
(new) why the hell (4)
Does samsung phones come with 2 browsers
knormoer 21 days
(new) Help,Galaxy S3, GT19300 (4)
my wifes phone is stuck on the logo menu. sister gave it to her few years back and it had cyanogenmod on it. probably will get a new one, but what can
alvar89 21 days
(new) Nokia Android (5)
The nokia 3, 5 and 6 along with the rumored beast 8 and 9 are supposed to be launching this month worldwide chin.gif Looking for a new phone and seems l
zamyan 23 days
(new) 02tvseries (1)
Is 02tvseries gone for good now or what
palmhot 29 days
(new) Memory card is idle. (3)
Dear expert its been nearly one year and I have been using symphony T7 pro.I have inserted 8GB memory card but sorry to mention that I have downloadin
mandeme 30 days
(new) Bluetooth Hotspot unable to on in my InfinixNote (0)
Hi Friends, recently I found out the Bluetooth Hotspot of my Infinix Note 2 stopped powering on, when i swipe down from up screen and tap it or even

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