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spunkydj 1 hour 52 minutes
(new) Priv (10)
What is the blackberry priv like as getting one bought for my birthday in 2weeks
tazdevil 4 days
(new) Storage full (10)
My phone: Storage is full. Me: *deletes 15,345 photos, 2,356 videos and uninstalls 13 apps* My phone: Storage is full. There's literally
biggzzz 5 days
(new) HTTP INJECTOR [15]
how to get free pay load for http injector
knormoer 8 days
(new) SD Card just vanish [20]
SD card just disappear then after restart it is back. Tried it with another SD card and same issue. So I figure it must be phone. Maybe it is after la
adeeb222 19 days
zamyan 24 days
(new) forgot screenlock pattern [13]
Hi anyone on here can u please please help me!My 8yr old kid forgot her screen pattern lock,so now we can't open her fone!Its a simple Vodafone v kick
3mel 25 days
(new) Best Phone of the Year (4)
Gary Simms of Android Authority puts the ten best phones thru some tests to arrive at a single winner for the title best of 3017 [b][u][i][link
a0w 2018
(new) site for downloading paid app (7)
Do anyone knows of the websites for downloading paid android app for free?
flash 2018
Screen overlay detected problem I have found on my studio xl2 phone v6 marshmallow. I have to search the web for some solution and download two applic
0gypsy0 2018
(new) Bad news [19]
I've been using the AI type keyboard years ago on my old phone, a sSamsung with android kitkat,deleted it, the end. 2 months ago or so I signe
3mel 2018
(new) VPN users beware (6)
I was doing a little research the other day on VPN's for android and I happened across this page that I thought would be good to share. people that ba
snoopsy 2018
(new) App photo modifications (4)
Are there any app names that can modify your pics from scratch,example choose own background,pics,words quotes . I want to choose my own stuff and put
polo_011 2018
(new) Huawei Mate10 Pro [11]
So got the Mate10 Pro 128GB with 6GB RAM as a review unit for 2 months, will post impressions of it overtime on a variety of social networks, I'm stil
spngbob November 2017
(new) Colour photos now black and white??? (2)
Why are my photos that i previously downloaded suddenly appearing black and white in my gallery???
cheddar5 November 2017
(new) wifi [11]
is there a way to turn on wifi on my phone and have it connect to my laptop for file transfers and remote mouse and keyboard app, but still use the 3g

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