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flash 2 days
(new) IP TOOL (6)
IP tool can be use to hack Wi-Fi password via IP address. good
salman786 9 days
(new) how to find my lost phone (5)
how to find my lost phone
spunkydj 11 days
(new) why the hell (2)
Does samsung phones come with 2 browsers
spunkydj 19 days
(new) chrome cr*p (2)
Has anyone else had sluggynes with chrome so got rid and put in aosp seems much faster and works well with my sec browser but wondering whats the diff
spunkydj 19 days
(new) Expensive phones (4)
Don't see why people get expensive phones just bought Alcatel pixie 4 the 6 inch screen and so far so good
banbury 21 days
(new) Galaxy S i9000 [17]
a work colleague had this phone stolen but hes just got it back minus the memory card. fortunately his prized photos were on the phone storage. but up
ungers 22 days
(new) Just bought a J5 prime..... (5)
Nifty little phone, it snaps to attention the moment you touch the lag on it, actually very impressed with, i won't waste ur t
spunkydj 24 days
(new) How do I (3)
How do I download an app in play store that says not available in your country
ungers 24 days
(new) All kinds of permissions needed... [17]
On my Android phone, i must give all kinds of permissions just to be able to use the camera.....what happened to the 'old' style android devices?....I
alvar89 24 days
(new) Nokia Android [20]
There here!! Nokia 6 and 8 happy.gif
spunkydj 27 days
(new) chrome vs firefox [18]
Which is the best browser to use
ungers March 2017
(new) Flash video downloader [15]
Can anyone suggest a good flash video downloader? It must be able to capture streaming video from almost any the meantime, for those tha
leon29 March 2017
(new) Android 7.0 [52]
Was officially rolled out today, I just received the final build with this month's security update
reihichiru84 March 2017
(new) Root (1)
it's okay if I root my galaxy j2 prime?
zackzero March 2017
(new) recover files no pc no root (4)
Is there any app to recover files without a pc or rooted device? I accidentally deleted a bunch of movies. Kingoroot gets stuck on 70.

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