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abott 2013
(new) e46 subframe issues (3)
was busy doing some research on the e46 M3 as I'm considering getting 1.I'm shocked at how bad the subframe can damage the chassis!there's a reinforce
abott September 2012
(new) TM Concept 30 (2)
your thoughts on it? I think it is the ish, only thing I don't like is that boot spoiler!
abott March 2012
(new) Lamborghini Aventador J (2)
this must be the s*xiest open top sports car I've seen this year!WOW!
abott March 2012
(new) end of SAAB [15]
Fled for bankruptcy this week.a d*mn shame coz they made great cars!
abott April 2011
(new) doughnuts (6)
who's into it around here? no i dont mean the ones you eat!some guy's busy killing his engine tires right now doing them.

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abott November 2013
not too hard!!!
abott July 2018
e46 m3, sls 63 black series, Ferrari FF.
abott May 2013
your local reference library should have heines manuals
abott May 2013
google it mate, or Haines manual
abott May 2013
if someone died think it's within 24hrs. If minor can't remember...

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