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bobdylan August 2017
(new) Clutch cable snapped (2)
Was miles away from home too , had a spare clutch cable on me yay.gif Had no tools tho doh2.gif Managed to drive the 40 odd miles home with out th
bobdylan March 2017
(new) Proton power (4)
Love a good sleeper .
bobdylan November 2015
(new) Enjoying a blat [21]
The other day , and find my self chasing a 911 gt3rs and a new McLaren650lt wow , machines . Turned out to be auto car testing them for a review . [br
bobdylan November 2015
(new) Thanks .... But no thanks (1)
Cars that you should like and want .... But don't
bobdylan July 2015
(new) The cool wall [27]
Ok just like top gear , the prodigit cool wall. , what's cool what's not cool up for discussion

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bobdylan March 2017
Love the sleeper concept
bobdylan March 2017
Spotted a old shape micra with a 200sx engine swop too few weeks back , 240bhp !!!! Sadly tho , through the front wheels hmmm.gif
bobdylan March 2019
No a guy with evo 123 runing gear in one of them protons , think a lot of parts just bolt on in . Same chassis maybe . In saying that parts
bobdylan January 2016
Mines called Pedro
bobdylan November 2015
Had the exhaust hydro graphics done , 70 quid

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