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mato2 June 2013
(new) Fuel consumption (6)
What are merit and demerit using biodiesel and electric as means of fuel in automobile sector ?
mato2 June 2012
(new) Planetary gear in transmission (5)
What are they function in automatic gearbox ?
mato2 April 2012
(new) Steering box (5)
Name type of steering box and steering power mechanism.
mato2 April 2012
(new) Engine management system (8)
What is E.c.u and Actuator ?
mato2 April 2012
(new) Wheel alignment (4)
How can one calculate the wheel alignment optical gauge ?

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mato2 November 2015
there several causes alternator brushes,battery cell worn out, poor wiring ma dia.
mato2 November 2016
there several factors loose fan belt 2 water pump bearin worn out 3 theromstart fault 4 insufficient radiator coolant
mato2 November 2016
YEAH just google about cooling system or login ma dia
mato2 June 2013
The water pump have problem making , poor circulation of coolant cause overheating engine and overhead gasket.
mato2 July 2013
The best motobike or 4 stroke engine petrolum should mulit-grade SAE approve API.

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