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zoobik68 March 2013
(new) 2013 F1 Season [21]
Too early to predict i know, but for some reason i forsee mr grosjean maturing into a fine racer, and hamilton being outpaced by perez, i just hope th
zoobik68 March 2013
(new) ichael Shumacher (6)
So the legend has finally retired!! his legacy as a brutal winner will never be doubted, his ability as an F1 driver is without doubt un-questionable
zoobik68 November 2012
(new) Brazilian F1 GP (1)
Anyone have any brazilian mates who might, just might be prepared to run in front of that smug little kraut at some point during the race and blow his

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zoobik68 July 2018
any bmw with an M series engine
zoobik68 March 2013
pmpl yeah that was a good one lol
zoobik68 March 2013
was great to see kimi on the top step, amazing drive, but he's a wiley old pro. the ferrari's look menacing, lets see how the tyres handle malaysia, o
zoobik68 March 2013
first practice, and the little kraut tops the time sheets, both ferrari's and mercedes showing good potential, mclaren somewhat lagging, but it's only
zoobik68 March 2013
omg and all im saying is, honda have been away for a while, i hope they come back with a bang, per

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