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iluvmima January 2018
(new) BMW meanings: [38]
What do u think BMW stands for? I say its stands for Bring Mechanic With.
alirimi January 2018
(new) Suzuki Mehran (3)
Suzuki Mehran lovers come here.
srk_97 January 2018
(new) 0-60 kmph [44]
what is the best time you took to reach 60kmph from 0 on your vehicle? mine is 6.5 secs on Honda CBF 125 (Stunner)
spngbob November 2017
(new) Rumbling noise at low revs only??? (5)
I recently had to replace the cam and crank sensors on my 05 Almera N16, and at the same time asked the mechy to do a service? Now about a month after
bobdylan August 2017
(new) Clutch cable snapped (2)
Was miles away from home too , had a spare clutch cable on me yay.gif Had no tools tho doh2.gif Managed to drive the 40 odd miles home with out th
wald0 June 2017
(new) What car [31]
Do you daily and weekend? For me it's the gf''s tsi Leon mk2 an a mk2 mx5 1.6 yes hairdressers car but deadly cool wee cars lol
slick_01 June 2017
(new) Nissan GTR [17]
So what are your views about this mean machine(R35 GTR)..built to take on the germans and the likes, and proving itself over time....I have much love
vipinvip April 2017
(new) Honda dio dlx (2)
My model is dio dlx and white model im looking for to sticker vehicle .. help me latest work tq
rody9499 March 2017
(new) Drifting (8)
are you a fan of professional Drifting
jay1971 March 2017
(new) vectra 1.9 cdti (0)
had a flywheel wheel and clutch and csc done on my Vectra last july , about Christmas time the peddle started to not return on its own unless I put my
bobdylan March 2017
(new) Proton power (4)
Love a good sleeper .
tee4mac February 2017
(new) Ford focus [25]
2016 ford focus rs sexy and attractive all packed in one but sunroof missing read.gif or is it extras
luv247 October 2016
(new) Ford zetec conversion (2)
Hi guys I need some advice my escort zetec electrical went out over the weekend my car has no spark but coils are fine, I hate electronics and I suspe
1naidoo October 2016
(new) new Opc vs old opc (10)
Astra 177kw vs 206kw??
gta5 October 2016
(new) top 3 best cars ever! [26]
which car do you think deserve YOUR top 3?

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