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spunkydj 17 days
(new) Only 2 years (1)
Only 2 years of support left bb10 now in maintenance mode
nosfratu 21 days
(new) PlayBook users!?! (3)
Are there any1 here that still use or has a BB PlayBook... I recently had to fork out R850-00 to replace my battery, make it 2, as the PlayBook uses 1
loote 21 days
(new) blackberry classic (4)
Can anyone tel me does this phone run android apps and games
3mel January 2018
spunkydj November 2017
(new) google play store (0)
If you want this on your bb10 device go to but download everything apart from Playstore build 1
3mel January 2017
nnyanes June 2016
(new) blackberry phone (2)
Need to buy a another phone but I wanna know which one is the best on internet speed. Pls need ur help
vincebal April 2016
(new) memory card problem (1)
Hey guys,I have a BB 9320 with a 2 gig card.I'm having a problem with the memory card available memory.I have 1 GiG worth of information on my card,an
skippie7 February 2016
(new) Opera 8 Bold (3)
Why doesn't opera mini 8 work on bold 9700? Is there any cracked or a different version that works(even cracked if there are for bb)
spngbob February 2016
(new) WTF??? Vodacom??? (3)
Anybody else struggling like CRAZY for the past few days with Vodacr*p signal??? I can hardly get my FB open??? Even 3G speeds are as slow as a snai
spngbob February 2016
(new) nux downloader? (3)
Anybody else using nux downloader HE or nux torrent on here??? If so,plse enlighten me how the hell it works???? I'm no noob,bt really??? I've been
spngbob February 2016
(new) 9790 rebooting??? (2)
Recently when I access web pages or open whatsapp or something similar,my keypad light flickers,like a globe that has a electrical short circuit,and t
yugan February 2016
(new) bb torrents [185]
Bbtor v1.4 NOTE: ONLY FOR OS 7+ USERS. Haven't tried it as I'm on
zamyan November 2015
(new) initialization failed (1)
Hi is there anybody that can help me here!my bb 9380,went off as usual cos the battery is finished!but switching it on again now it says initializatio
nosfratu October 2015
(new) apk to bar files (2)
Has any1 here have any sites or have any android converted apk files of apps that's converted to bar files to be sideloaded onto a BB PlayBook. I have

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