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turbot 15 hours
(new) why are you still single [25]
so you been single for 5 or 6 years. Why?
nsw31fem 1 day 6 hours
4pregmum 1 day 6 hours
(new) melbourne (0)
it's been years since I've been on here. what's happening? very quiet here....
brewizerrob 1 day 15 hours
(new) Any single ladys (2)
Any single ladys interested for a chat 47 male looking for love livening country nsw love my motor cycles looking for someone with same interests
natah 1 day 15 hours
(new) Dating a younger man than you (5)
Am 25....his 21. How does that relationship work.?
shyguy69 1 day 15 hours
(new) Mopilot (2)
Any old members on here
sarahnew 1 day 15 hours
(new) (5)
Any 1 from the west Midlands ere I'm bored n need some fun in my life
kaispor 2 days
(new) date (1)
woman let's date
chickenlips35 3 days
(new) how long have you been single? [11]
how long have you been single and why? ive been single nearly 3 year because im cray cray blink3.gif
qwenn 4 days
(new) Is distance relationship do possible? [253]
Is distance relationship s possible?orjust looking for comfort or just love no
my.ruin 5 days
(new) Birmingham? (1)
Any single women from Birmingham? Sign in please.
ninababa 8 days
(new) Dating [63]
If we were dating would u. Still use prodigits?
sxyj0j0 9 days
(new) **single sign up here** [14]
If Ur single sighn up here :-)
lisabrowneyes73 9 days
(new) Age difference in relationships [54]
What's your thoughts on older women dating much younger men ?
wozzak 10 days
(new) Who would you date [39]
or even sh*g if you could choose?

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