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rick2010 1 day 12 hours
(new) What to do if you want someone [28]
Im friends with a woman and we get on really well, the only thing is I really like her and I don't know of she likes me too, I'm afraid if I tell her
dayzzo 5 days
We people are used to pretend something we are not,and it costs us in finding our soul mates....we need to share common interests as to last long but
1owlcity 6 days
(new) Love Quotes [39]
A platform dedicated to help every human to bring sunshine in their lives through positivity! Share your thoughts here!
bbw34 12 days
(new) London singles [25]
Sign below if enough interest maybes could arrange a meet up pub crawl drunk.gif
a0w 12 days
(new) looking for a female partner (4)
I'm looking for a single partner between the age of 18 yes to 28yrs. I'm dark in complexion. Body structure about an average.If you are single and int
fancyface17 13 days
(new) Romance [13]
i seek true black single beautiful mother of 1.23 years of age.i prefer black or coloured south african man employed serious about life and fi
bumcute 14 days
(new) dating a crossdresser (6)
looking for a woman that would date a crossdresser.
garry4 14 days
(new) Any female (7)
Hi any female please I need chat thanks
dayzzo 22 days
Have u ever thought of how mixed raced babies are.....
blackxxx 22 days
(new) seeking mature man [14]
I love to hook up with genuine and reliable relationship with all ages and race xoxo
fallingangel 24 days
(new) How do you stop a heart from breaking? [34]
How do you stop some one from bn hurt? How can you stop yourself away from something you desire more than anything because you know at the end its go
banbury 24 days
(new) Banbury england (3)
Anyone females in this town?
syslave1 27 days
(new) Dominant women [20]
Hi im a single male and like dominant women, is it just me or do women like being in control? :) x
piiinkky 29 days
(new) Younger boyfriend [87]
Would you date a younger man? men would you marry an older woman
surfrchk June 2017
(new) Any south africans? :) [25]
Hello there...i would like to meet some fellow south africans, if u are out there...preferbly cape town. Im a female of 24 years old, and well i could

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