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natah 1 hour 37 minutes
(new) Virgin [12]
Is it normal to still be a virgin at 25
alveera 6 hours 56 minutes
(new) first crush [53]
do you remember your first crush ? How old u were at that time? Think of this and close your eyes you will find his/her face now ?
mo124 2 days
lisabrowneyes73 2 days
(new) Age difference in relationships [46]
What's your thoughts on older women dating much younger men ?
ascaris 7 days
(new) What's the longest time you've been single? [67]
Mines 3 years pluss and still going strong
debz19 7 days
(new) Single [26]
Single Pringle an ready to mingle lol x x x
1towatch 8 days
(new) Lonely Hearts (4)
Tell us who or what you're looking for, and who knows, you may end up finding that special someone. I'm 34 from Cornwall, and hoping to find a
ninababa 8 days
(new) Dating [58]
If we were dating would u. Still use prodigits?
diisco.x 9 days
(new) Single sign here pinned [2487]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone n
luvnfem 13 days
(new) Single and looking [37]
Whos single and looking for love? Xx
lucky13 15 days
(new) Gay/Bi/Les/Transgender Dating Post [67]
If you are any of the above then write your name here and make yourself known to the world of prodigitsreading
lezzgurl 17 days
(new) I need urgent advice!! [49]
Ok.. Well last week i got back with my ex gf and then she dropped a bobshell on me.. She told me she is getting married to a guy just to keep him in t
saher02 18 days
(new) TRue relation (4)
That will be a true relation which will gv u respect and here is the meaning of respect is Marriage
zavii 18 days
(new) Single Jamaican guy. (0)
I'm a single guy, hoping with this post I can meet some cool females for friendship or more. I'm a polite, kind, and thoughtful guy who is big on comm
lipglosx 21 days

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