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catw0m4n 1 day 6 hours
(new) have u ever? [36]
had feelings for more than one man/woman at the same time inlovewats ure views?
tazdevil 1 day 7 hours
(new) How do I get a date? (8)
Guys, I don't know how to date someone anymore. I've been single for over 2 or 3 years now, and I've realized I know nothing about dating anymore. I j
leedsmx 1 day 8 hours
reallyu 3 days
(new) single, genuine man [28]
hi, am a single mum, christian, humble, loving, honest, trustworthy woman looking for a real man wit similar traits...leave ur reply here or inbox me.
tasti2 3 days
(new) Wow [12]
Anyone still here
frenzy 6 days
(new) Love is...... [22]
impossible without genitals......come on your turn lol
natah 11 days
(new) Virgin [33]
Is it normal to still be a virgin at 25
1owlcity 14 days
(new) Love Quotes [38]
A platform dedicated to help every human to bring sunshine in their lives through positivity! Share your thoughts here!
owoh 17 days
alveera 26 days
(new) first crush [66]
do you remember your first crush ? How old u were at that time? Think of this and close your eyes you will find his/her face now ?
lucky13 30 days
(new) Gay/Bi/Les/Transgender Dating Post [69]
If you are any of the above then write your name here and make yourself known to the world of prodigitsreading
king397 January 2019
(new) why do women... [43]
... Say they would want to be with someone who would treat them like a lady and is a real gentleman but in reality when a good guy approaches them the
kera26 January 2019
(new) name ur hot buds with pictures! [37]
do you have a bud with hot pictures?? name them here for us all to enjoy!
sxyj0j0 January 2019
(new) **single sign up here** [28]
If Ur single sighn up here :-)
sarahkae January 2019
(new) what kinda.. [28]
.. male or female are you into advices naughty/nice good/bad

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