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reebok32 40 minutes
katiel4 10 hours 6 minutes
ascaris 10 hours 21 minutes
(new) What's the longest time you've been single? [54]
Mines 3 years pluss and still going strong
godgdguy 18 hours
(new) online love at first sight [11]
do you think a person online can fall in love with a person she or he saw online the first time she or he saw the person pic I'm posting about real lo
seveyx 1 day 1 hour
(new) Any bi lad's in? [34]
Any bi lads like a chat or girls who like bi lads x
lipglosx 1 day 22 hours
sxyj0j0 2 days
(new) **single sign up here** (0)
If Ur single sign up here see how many are :-) :-)
sxyj0j0 2 days
(new) **single sign up here** (0)
If Ur single sighn up here :-)
diisco.x 3 days
(new) Single sign here pinned [2478]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone n
alveera 5 days
(new) first crush [48]
do you remember your first crush ? How old u were at that time? Think of this and close your eyes you will find his/her face now ?
lisa.tvx 10 days
(new) Back (crossdresser) (0)
Hi. not been on for a long time. happy to make new friends
halifaxm41 11 days
(new) Date [11]
Where did u meet present partner
nsw31fem 13 days
(new) bbw or bbm singles [121]
big beautiful women and men, for those who like em can sign in too :) 16 days
luvnfem 24 days
(new) Single and looking [33]
Whos single and looking for love? Xx

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