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luvnfem 2 hours 49 minutes
(new) Single and looking [23]
Whos single and looking for love? Xx
anita25 11 hours 10 minutes
(new) It's been a while, Prodi! (5)
Wow! It was in 2003 I found you! And I was famous back then pmpl
diisco.x 1 day 1 hour
(new) Single sign here pinned [2456]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone n
sweetcaroline 1 day 22 hours
(new) Actor/actress [31]
Given half the change who would u like 2 date?
ninababa 2 days
(new) Dating [47]
If we were dating would u. Still use prodigits?
ninababa 2 days
(new) How to date again [14]
I seem to find it hard to relate with a man without that nervousness and making it impossible to go on a date because of a bad past experience any adv
misymwah 3 days
cfcblond 7 days
(new) Grrr why (3)
So tellexcited why doentrepreneurs have to put this front on being a git hard and act like they don't care
basiruk 8 days
(new) love [27]
may be am black that's why I did not have an woman
debz19 8 days
(new) Single [14]
Single Pringle an ready to mingle lol x x x
qwenn 10 days
(new) ur love,or ur family? [65]
F some circumstances meddle between ur love and family,will u choose between?
ladydom 12 days
(new) Is it ok to date a midget :) [33]
Or does your partner have to be taller ?
papaduck 13 days
(new) Hi (4)
New buds wanted. Message me or add me and lets go from there.
castledking68 24 days
(new) Single (1)
Single here in UK
frenzy 24 days
(new) Love is...... (2)
impossible without genitals......come on your turn lol

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