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eternallove 1 day 9 hours
(new) Selecting partner (3)
Do women consider status while selecting their partner? like if the man is already married or single? or he is circumcisd or not etc. what are most im
bigrhino 5 days
(new) hi (1)
Hiya everyone I am look new buds everyone
ascaris 9 days
(new) What's the longest time you've been single? [45]
Mines 3 years pluss and still going strong
diisco.x 11 days
(new) Single sign here pinned [2424]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone n
c0nceal 11 days
(new) I heard [16]
This was the easy and fast way to bag myself a date so any going? Am not that fussy tbh bags can be useful thinking
lewismapuloustogar 13 days
(new) Love (1)
No who you are or where you from I'm all alone. You hardly welcome ladies
lezzgurl 16 days
(new) I need urgent advice!! [39]
Ok.. Well last week i got back with my ex gf and then she dropped a bobshell on me.. She told me she is getting married to a guy just to keep him in t
kalaamb 17 days
1owlcity 18 days
(new) Love Quotes [36]
A platform dedicated to help every human to bring sunshine in their lives through positivity! Share your thoughts here!
kalaamb 18 days
ladydom 18 days
(new) Is it ok to date a midget :) [17]
Or does your partner have to be taller ?
asha99 25 days
(new) TV dating shows... (8)
Which one would you want to do? Dinner Date Take Me Out Blind Date Meet The Parents First Dates Dating In The Dark Love
andymcfc April 2017
(new) Looking for new gf [20]
I'm a real nice bloke, recently been cheated on, it wasn't nice, but I'm so very sad alone :(
piiinkky April 2017
(new) Younger boyfriend [81]
Would you date a younger man? men would you marry an older woman
diyaan April 2017
(new) Loves (5)
Loves freds

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