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lipglosx 3 hours 3 minutes
kalaamb 8 hours 56 minutes
(new) Who is for me? [12]
I search here a real sweetheart from 10 years but can not found last try
sweetcaroline 2 days
(new) Actor/actress [46]
Given half the change who would u like 2 date?
fallingangel 4 days
(new) How do you stop a heart from breaking? [53]
How do you stop some one from bn hurt? How can you stop yourself away from something you desire more than anything because you know at the end its go
anita25 7 days
(new) It's been a while, Prodi! [12]
Wow! It was in 2003 I found you! And I was famous back then pmpl
frenzy 10 days
(new) Love is...... [13]
impossible without genitals......come on your turn lol
diisco.x 13 days
(new) Single sign here pinned [2460]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone n
easybud1 14 days
(new) True/False (8)
loving someone is loving their families as well...
misymwah 14 days
lipglosx 15 days
(new) genuine men whos loaded (6)
yes im after bu m inplants anyone wana pay like haha im not shy,
pickmynick 15 days
(new) ego vs love (8)
can ego destroy love between two person or love is more stronger?
jabes49 16 days
(new) free to a good home (3)
Thats me, look no furthur ladies
luvnfem January 2018
(new) Single and looking [23]
Whos single and looking for love? Xx
ninababa January 2018
(new) Dating [46]
If we were dating would u. Still use prodigits?
ninababa January 2018
(new) How to date again [14]
I seem to find it hard to relate with a man without that nervousness and making it impossible to go on a date because of a bad past experience any adv

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