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piiinkky 1 hour 29 minutes
(new) Younger boyfriend [101]
Would you date a younger man? men would you marry an older woman
fitdon21 9 hours 56 minutes
(new) add my kik ladies (1)
mine is lees1986 looking for a date
ninababa 12 hours 42 minutes
(new) How to date again (9)
I seem to find it hard to relate with a man without that nervousness and making it impossible to go on a date because of a bad past experience any adv
ninababa 2 days
(new) Dating [16]
If we were dating would u. Still use prodigits?
misymwah 5 days
lezzgurl 5 days
(new) I need urgent advice!! [42]
Ok.. Well last week i got back with my ex gf and then she dropped a bobshell on me.. She told me she is getting married to a guy just to keep him in t
qwenn 5 days
(new) ur love,or ur family? [59]
F some circumstances meddle between ur love and family,will u choose between?
1mju5tm3 5 days
(new) Aussie girls [14]
Hey :-) I'm looking for an Aussie girl in Sydney that's after no strings just s*x. Message me thanks
fallingangel 9 days
(new) How do you stop a heart from breaking? [40]
How do you stop some one from bn hurt? How can you stop yourself away from something you desire more than anything because you know at the end its go
singleguy2018 9 days
(new) Looking for a lady in London (4)
I am single. I don't have a family, so something long-term is a very good idea :). I am not clever and not successful......but I am loyal and c
sean316 13 days
(new) Extreme cougar [17]
a man of 31 is said to be dating a 91 year old woman. Do you think this is acceptable or just a bit sick? Would you ever date anyone who is that much
xojohnx 13 days
(new) Can't woman stay in a relation if we say no to se [28]
Is sex really important to keep the relationship alive?
tazdevil 13 days
(new) Sorry - not a match! [11]
What's a shallow reason(s) you wouldn't date someone? Here are my reasons- 1) First of all, I can't stand ugly looking nails. When I che
tazdevil 13 days
(new) Your ideal 1st date? [18]
What's your idea of a perfect first date? Sex? Movies? Coffee? Cinema? Fine dining? Mine is one with a good conversation which isn't one-sided.
eternallove 13 days
(new) Selecting partner (8)
Do women consider status while selecting their partner? like if the man is already married or single? or he is circumcisd or not etc. what are most im

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