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wozzak 4 hours 50 minutes
w 7 hours 30 minutes
(new) .::Everyday clipArt::. pinned [12713]
daily shoutbox Time Pass + miscellaneous forum topic :)
cashdola 12 hours 28 minutes
(new) what are you watching... [116]
tell us what you are watchin and us what intrests u
husker67 18 hours
(new) Walking Dead / Expect Spoilers. pinned [933]
Afta been shot a deputy sherrif wakes 2 find dead rotting bodies all over the place and also finds the undead has taken ov america while he was recove
guillium 2 days
(new) Attack on Titan [14]
Just watched the first 2 episodes of Attack on Titan, really enjoying it so far, the concept/look of the Titans themselves are just horribly creepy...
king397 4 days
(new) What happens in movies? [581]
It is always possible to park directly outside any building you are visiting.
3mel 5 days
(new) recommend me a good TV series pinned [822]
I need something to watch that's quality other than the few shows I'm watching now or waiting on for their return. so what's really good ppl? my rough
d.boon 5 days
(new) Original T.V. Series Of The Incredible Hulk (2)
The original series is currently showing on the Horror Channel. It's far better then the lame movies. Not only the story lines are great Bill Bixby
stonalad 6 days
(new) faces of death (4)
Anybody seen any of these ive seen snippets on youtube it looks faked
usbcable 7 days
(new) Paddington bear (5)
I've just bought the new film Paddington. Can't wait to watch it. Looks awesome!!! Talkshow
4juice 8 days
(new) Netflix pinned [56]
This is an official Netflix topic. You can post recommended titles in here or suggest a best or worse instant titles. Please add Netflix region as well when recommending titles. You are also encourage to post about newly l
lucky13 9 days
(new) Marvel [14]
Everything Marvel related, post here.
lucky13 15 days
(new) Jekyll and Hyde (5)
Just started watching it not sure what to think yet, anyone seen it?
nefi19 16 days
(new) Gaiman's Sandman (1)
Any fans of The Sandman series here? Who's your favorite member of the Endless? happy.gif Mine are Delirium and Death! aww.gif
gooji 17 days
(new) Trailer Park Boys [15]
Only found out about this gem a month ago but the series is over a decade old It's a mockumentary about the lives of residents in a Canadian trail

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