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w 7 hours 6 minutes
(new) .::Everyday clipArt::. pinned [12833]
daily shoutbox Time Pass + miscellaneous forum topic :)
cantona 19 hours
(new) Game of Thrones pinned [614]
Cracking first episode. If you're watching on Sky Atlantic tonight you're in for a treat
lonsam 1 day 22 hours
(new) Help please!! Utube to iphone (1)
Hi guys Is there a way off download music directly to your iPhone music library, I have an iPhone 7? Thanks in advance
rxixpx 2 days
(new) The Book Club. [35]
If ur 'old school' and still can manage to read a book, what good ones have u read lately? Post their titles here. Shot.
cashdola 6 days
(new) what are you watching... [149]
tell us what you are watchin and us what intrests u
gunger 12 days
(new) movies out next year (6)
Top gun 2 The hulk Star trek 4 The bionic man The quiet earth a possible matrix reboot
silverjx 20 days
(new) Dunkirk... (2)
Chris Nolan directing, hans Zimmer , Tom Hardy ..... hype train for July?
loki08 22 days
(new) better call saul! [17]
anybody else watching this?
3mel 22 days
(new) recommend me a good TV series pinned [833]
I need something to watch that's quality other than the few shows I'm watching now or waiting on for their return. so what's really good ppl? my rough
3mel 27 days
(new) ComicBookGirl19's Epic History of the X-Men I+II (3)
if you don't know CBG19 she's a super knowledgeable uber nerd with a real talent for taking you into stories in real depth and giving you a proper edu
wozzak 27 days
bobdylan 28 days
(new) Prometheus [191]
Hands up who's feeling excited ?
obi_jon April 2017
(new) Star Wars episode iix : The Last Jedi (6)
The first is out. I'm sensing a darkside plotlineglowstick.gif
stonalad April 2017
(new) faces of death (6)
Anybody seen any of these ive seen snippets on youtube it looks faked
3mel April 2017
(new) New Star Wars trailer drops on Friday [103]
the trailer for Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens is going to be released on iTunes this Friday the 28th. presumably somebody out there will have it up on youtube not long after (as I don't do iTunes).

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