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manchesr 7 hours 18 minutes
(new) What are you playing pinned [5527]
What are you playing and on what platform?
ascaris 7 days
(new) The Division XB1 (4)
What are your thoughts on the Division, dead or not? Do you even play it?
alvar89 8 days
(new) Dirt 4 (1)
Will arrive on 9th of june! Cant wait. Will have alot of content and an improved simulation option for advanced players and some easy mode for beginne
vamezxb1 9 days
(new) Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Neo [256]
The Xbox One is already a better system than the PS4, but things are about to kick the s**t into the fan. Damn boys. The PS4 Neo is 2 times more power
wildhart 22 days
(new) Torment: Tides of Numenera (1)
Anyone playing this? I just ordered a copy on Amazon cant wait looks like a total old school RPG in the vein of the original Planescape Torment and Ba
guillium April 2017
(new) Mario Kart 7 [19]
My first Mario Kart, and now I understand the fuss about it. blood love it happy
vamezxb1 April 2017
(new) Greatness Awaits.....Still: PS4 Neo [169]
Today Sony will talk about its new console. Nothing great never happened with the PS4, so I wonder what the new catch word will be. Stay tuned ladies,
4juice April 2017
(new) Nintendo NX [61]
Still not announced by Nintendo despite their promise to do so before 2016 although it has already been confirmed by insiders from Foxconn that a new
trailrunner April 2017
(new) anyone played brutal doom? (1)
has anyone played brutal doom? I've never seen it around but I think it's for pc. I've started playing that doom 4 on ps4 but cant get in to it at th
kenb2321 March 2017
(new) Mass Effect Andromeda [29]
This game looks like it's going to be great! I haven't purchased a game at full price on the first day of release since Witcher 3 but I think I will o
4juice March 2017
(new) Persona 5 (1)
Just three weeks away from release day. I am ready to let my soul get suck into this game for April. And i have pre ordered it. The only game so far i
guillium March 2017
(new) Nier Automata (8)
If you haven't, try the demo... one of the best game demos I have EVER played. Still playing Horizon Zero Dawn, but after the demo I couldn't resist p
gr8guy78 March 2017
(new) Borderlands 2? (1)
I've got the handsome collection and I've just finished TVHM on level 50. I haven't done any of the DLC and left all side quests with blue weapons, bu
d1foru March 2017
(new) Is there any online games (8)
That you can play against other people
psnality March 2017
(new) Free PC games [67]
Please just take these whoever wants them Platformines mzpv6-bjepr-qedrj Deadcore encg7-vfj3w-kyckh Enslaved Odyssey nc04l-v769f-rv0ay[br

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