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kalaamb 50 minutes
wilman 1 day 8 hours
(new) 16 tahun berlalu..... [22]
Untung masih inget password ini akun wakakaa...adakah yg mengingat saya?
saher02 1 day 19 hours
(new) Dont make fun of anyone (3)
Dnt make fun of anybody may be tomorrow u wil b there where he or she stands tody ???
slick_01 26 days
(new) Travelling (3)
How many countries have you travelled to? I like to travel and upto date I've only been to 18 countries...hopefully I will visit more ...
st_roz3y March 2018
From conquest to slavery from slavery to colonialism and from colonialism to neo-colonialism? But there is always a major character in all the phases of these developments. That is the Bla
slick_01 March 2018
(new) Italiano (1)
Porfobo italiano?
slick_01 March 2018
(new) Mother Russia (3)
Why do Russians call it that?
shairkhan March 2018
(new) Pak social media [11]
PAKISTAN SOCIAL MEDIA pe fahash sxy videoz photos or qoutes pagz itni bari tadad me bny ja rhy hen k na sirf mulki sata par balky almi sata par muslma
deetha March 2018
(new) user prodi tahun 2006-2010an hadir [643]
teman-teman dahulu pada sibuk kemana ya?? mampir donk,, sekedar absen ato apalah :)
wawanpau February 2018
(new) mencari jodoh (2)
Saya single..umur 28 tahun asli jakarta..pekerjaan wiraswasta..mecari jodoh yang penting seiman dan wanita sholihah..klo bisa cantik dan msh muda.
miaiad February 2018
(new) Inter forum English! pinned [2332]
Hello lol Let's bring back some english to this forum, u all doing then? lol
johntemi January 2018
What roles do parents have on the academic performance of their children? Pls see this
saher02 January 2018
(new) I have a question (10)
Who have made this world??
scean_61 January 2018
(new) anak kamu berapa????? [12]
Yg punya anak posting yuk...yg masih jomblo....liat j jg mewek2 heheheheh
suratno January 2018
(new) PERCAYA egk PERCAYA [94]
Aneh..!Egk masuk akal,,tapii..Nyata..!!(nah..Lu.!!)

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