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masalab 1 day 18 hours
jooc83 2 days
(new) Will there be a 3rd world war (9)
This is a question that crossed my mind today , do u think ww3 will happen if so which countries will be involved and what would be the start of it ,h
mimu 7 days
(new) Sekejam Inikah Cinta [18]
Dari dulu begitulah cinta, deritanya tiada akhir... Begitu kata temanku sehari yang lalu, ketika sedang mencerna satu cerita tentang mitologi c
mas_say 7 days
(new) +10 TAHOEN LALOE+ [215]
Once More Kipot Kadit Utum by me... Sekedar topik iseng oentoek mengoekoer dan instropeksi diri tentang prestasi kita,nah tjoba anda toelis disini ten
saher02 8 days
(new) Women is not a modle (5)
dnt show evrythng to evry one u r human being not a dummy or a show pice . . .
saher02 10 days
(new) PAK~ZINDABAD (9)
saher02 10 days
(new) technology is not gud (4)
technolgy is gud bt not for evrytime . sumtimes it distrub us physicly and mently . . .
musze 10 days
(new) abaNguni [4546]
Ngunis can u hear me? Proudly South African right in your face. Sothos,Tswanas,Vendas,Pedis,Shangaan. Pls leave yr proudly South African mark here. <i
slago 10 days
(new) Zulus (3)
Inbox me, or say hi
saher02 10 days
(new) Kindness is best (4)
Give respect and get respect
austin78 12 days
(new) kota kebanggaan [180]
sobat2 pasti bangga dgn koto kelahiran,apa aja seh yg kalian ngrasa bangga dgn kota kalian tu..ayo kita bagi2 cerita disini
i7asya 17 days
(new) Apakah prodi msh aktif ??? [205]
Apakah prodi masih punya member yg aktif seperti dulu ???Kangen prodi yg aktif kayak dulu..
unreal.x 17 days
(new) Indonesian English Club [173]
the place for indonesian to learn english.. feel free to post or ask anything related to english lingo.' alt='iloveindonesias'/> P.S: no OO
austin78 17 days
(new) buat perempuan yg hanya butuh pendamping setia (2)
biar bisa cair suasana hati...hemmmm...
sisfreak2017 October 2018
(new) BongoBongoland (5)
Any members here from the people's republic of BongoBongoland?

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