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st_roz3y 7 days
From conquest to slavery from slavery to colonialism and from colonialism to neo-colonialism? But there is always a major character in all the phases of these developments. That is the Bla
sayanti9 7 days
(new) How are you? in your language [79]
You have to write 'how are you' in your language
dhiny_ea 8 days
(new) Mantan [68]
biarpun selalu dicela tapi msih jga dikangeni....sepertinya...
i7asya 8 days
(new) Apakah prodi msh aktif ??? [195]
Apakah prodi masih punya member yg aktif seperti dulu ???Kangen prodi yg aktif kayak dulu..
saher02 18 days
(new) I have a question (2)
Who have made this world??
juryfury 24 days
(new) PHILIPPINES [24]
philippines is really a woderful country to live in...
slick_01 September 2017
(new) Mother Russia (0)
Why do Russians call it that?
mas_say August 2017
(new) +10 TAHOEN LALOE+ [210]
Once More Kipot Kadit Utum by me... Sekedar topik iseng oentoek mengoekoer dan instropeksi diri tentang prestasi kita,nah tjoba anda toelis disini ten
aleksci July 2017
(new) Tombana (0)
Nani ataka kutiwa mchuma
musze July 2017
(new) abaNguni [4544]
Ngunis can u hear me? Proudly South African right in your face. Sothos,Tswanas,Vendas,Pedis,Shangaan. Pls leave yr proudly South African mark here. <i
st_roz3y July 2017
(new) Interesting Quotes from Interesting Politicians (6)
Hello! This Topic is to encourage global citizens to acknowledge interesting quotes from any political leader or ruler. The quote may not be in engl
miaiad July 2017
(new) Inter forum English! pinned [2323]
Hello lol Let's bring back some english to this forum, u all doing then? lol
ningsih July 2017
(new) ::sebelum tidur:: [106]
sleepy.gif selain berdoa pada ngapain dulu nih sambil menunggu ngantuk melanda ?
xfloodx June 2017
(new) Indian Forum [1661]
hello al indian frenzz out der .. Come hea n post ur views.. thots.. jokes.. songs.. Mesages to otha buds .. Etc. Nething u like..xx hamey ye post top
herlina June 2017
(new) Apa yang Kamu Lakukan kalau Rindu Seseorang ? [376]
Kalau lagi rindu pada seseorang biasa aku cuma berhaya yang indah. Kulakukan karena untuk menghllangkan stres. Kalau kamu, apa yang biasa dilakukan ?

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