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3mel 19 days
(new) why I'll never buy an apple product (9)
seen a few of this guys videos now and the more I watch the more dislike apple.
punchi January 2019
(new) not working (8)
my iphone 4s not working what can i do for ?please help me urgently
albarics January 2019
(new) icloudunlock? (3)
Anyone know how to unlock iPhone5 have activation lock to previous owner ?
missmobi January 2019
(new) iphone4s software updates (7)
Im using a 4s i didt update the ios 9 id read lots of bugs not many happy with it , iv got the ios 9.0.2 im thinking download it im unsure best fast
banbury January 2019
(new) iPHONE 6 [30]
iam aware the iphone 6 does have a larger 4.7 inch display over the 5S, but does anybody know its configuration, as in whether its just a taller panel
banbury November 2018
(new) 2018 12th sep Apple event (6)
Well does anyone think any of the new iPhones this year will have 5G connectivity? after researching this myself online it seems unlikely....because a
rascott November 2018
(new) iphone4 [11]
I got phone from friend when I put sim in show no service show hello screen and other network or connect to itune. Igot no pc or laptop plz need help
amdyabou November 2018
(new) How to reset a Iphone (6)
Hi, all friends please help me for reset my Iphone. Thank
bumble8 October 2018
(new) iOS 5 release [28]
What time are we able to download it in the UK?
netter August 2018
(new) Garage band free [16]
And slow on iphone 4
robbyj August 2018
(new) unlocking iphone 4s [19]
Guys does anyone know how to unlock an iphone 4s?I'm talking about a free method, not one were I have to pay.Thanks in advance.
amdyabou August 2018
(new) Ipad disabled how to enabled (3)
Hello all friend my apple ipad is disabled, i want to enable. Help me
netter August 2018
(new) Wifi disconnects (8)
It disconnects almost every half an hour sometimes within 15 minutes ...cant be an iphone issue i guess coz my friends iphone behaved in a similar man
reece2020 August 2018
(new) SIRI issue 2017 (8)
Hello all... I have the iPhone SE 16gb and for some reason i have to shout at siri to get it working i have tried with headphones i still have to rais
orb August 2018
(new) Help iphone died (9)
It was switched on and charging then next thing i knew it was completely dead, any idea's how to rectify?

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