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warded 12 hours 16 minutes
(new) Eurovision 2019 (0)
Darude got the lowest score.
emski 3 days
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [39680]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
gabriel9 4 days
(new) PROG ROCK HEAVEN pinned [38401]
From the classic prog of the 70s, Genesis, Yes, ELP, Floyd... to present day, Mars Volta, Tool etc... this is your forum on all things prog!
emski 10 days
(new) Gigs! [78]
What gigs u guys got comin up? I got cradle on fri excited
mshippy 11 days
(new) Ghost (4)
Any1 else like this band only started listening to them a few weeks ago 1 of the best new hard rock metal bands I reckon
1owlcity 13 days
(new) Philippine Music Scene [336]
From classic to new rock, soul, ballad, pop, rnb, hiphop, EDM, folk, jazz (Just post Pinoy songs composed in English)
slwnoris 16 days
(new) Irish music. today on.. (2)
Keep it country channel 87. The thin lizzy story.
metalb0y 18 days
(new) Music Websites (4)
So what sites are you using to find new music? ATM I am using MusicLeakster. Post your favorite sites :D
spunkydj 18 days
(new) scooter (5)
what do you all think of them
cwlldan 24 days
(new) Trance Club 2 pinned [7744]
(First started 28.04.06) Hey there and welcome to Trance Club 2 . This is the place for all things trance, whether it's uplifting, psychadelic, chillout or whatever. Also, post whatever track you're listening to, any news, l
june23rd April 2019
(new) INSTRUMENTS @ home [27]
- wat musical instruments do you have at home and you master?
d.boon April 2019
(new) R.I.P. Rankin' Roger (1)
I saw The Beat live at The 100 Club. They were really good. R.I.P. Rankin' Roger
slwnoris March 2019
(new) world metal day (2)
What metal have you been spinning? 50years ago Britain gave the world metal, Birmingham the true birthplace of metal.
slwnoris March 2019
(new) album's due for release 2019 (2)
There two at this time of great interest, John sykes, and blackstar riders 4th album. One thing to note John's fans, do not look on Facebook for him,
slwnoris March 2019
(new) eleine (2)
This band will blow you away they could wake the dead, the female singer has a beautiful voice.

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