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emski 23 hours
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [39013]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
axlisbak 1 day 7 hours
(new) Any Wheeler Walker Jr fans here? (1)
After hearing him on a few podcasts I fully get his style and why he does what he does, god bless him.
lisabrowneyes73 2 days
(new) What you listening to right now? (3)
I'm listening to James blunt- your beautiful music.gif
1owlcity 2 days
(new) Philippine Music Scene [246]
From classic to new rock, soul, ballad, pop, rnb, hiphop, EDM, folk, jazz (Just post Pinoy songs composed in English)
9362 3 days
(new) Irish music [32]
Thin lizzy,u2,chieftains,the great clannad,what irish bands/types of music do you like?
slick_01 3 days
(new) Zayn Malik [12]
What do you think of his music?
lisabrowneyes73 3 days
(new) What you listening to right now? [15]
OK I'm listening to script for a jesters tear gotta be best song they ever dI'd.
lisabrowneyes73 3 days
(new) RUNRIG (5)
Looking for anyone who loves the Scottish band runrig?
lisabrowneyes73 4 days
(new) What you listening to right now? (4)
OK im listening to 3 doors down-here without youmusic.gif
lisabrowneyes73 4 days
(new) The band disturbed (5)
Sound of silence Simon garfunkel or dirsturbed whoz version is personal favourite is by far disturbed David dremain voice so powerful no one
charu12 8 days
(new) Trance lovers - your favorite artist and track?? [32]
Let's see how many trance lovers we got here... music.gif
madnessx 8 days
(new) Neil Young [32]
What do you think of his music?
lisabrowneyes73 8 days
(new) Die antwoord [15]
Anyone listen to them? What's yur thoughts on them?
andyru 8 days
(new) 3 doors down (3)
How do you rate the band?
gabriel9 8 days
(new) PROG ROCK HEAVEN pinned [38396]
From the classic prog of the 70s, Genesis, Yes, ELP, Floyd... to present day, Mars Volta, Tool etc... this is your forum on all things prog!

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