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jakebognor 5 days
(new) I'm new (4)
Hi I'm Jake, I could really do with some buds please, only just joined so my list is empty
gandashane 5 days
(new) newbie (1)
Hai ther have pinoy ther in prodigits,. ?? I need good frnd,.
ofo 5 days
(new) Can u accept that we all human. (9)
Dude its in our mind and still you have eyes, you are not an animal. God loves us and you got love back. LeTs EnD ThIs MaDnEsS BeTwEeN Us.
v0nteaze 5 days
(new) Not a Newbie (2)
but looking for company.
garry4 5 days
(new) Am looking for chat (1)
Any female only.
nomnom 5 days
(new) buds (0)
only ever send me boring small talk :( so I probably don't want any
ladydom 6 days
(new) Oldbies (3)
Where are all the past wrappers ??? Have they all gone to that wap shop in the sky called FB :(
katie.x3 9 days
(new) New buds [19]
Feeling bored and willing to accept a few new bud requests (terms and conditions apply) bud me see if ur successful!!
liam3476 9 days
(new) new here (4)
Hey Liam here what's it like here
amrick2 June 2017
(new) new friends (2)
hi im looking for new buds and friends to chat with. ppl who can converse. id like to get to know u peeps
hitman007 June 2017
(new) The return after 5 years (2)
sup peeps...not been here for 5 years...:) looking for new interesting FUN ppl to chat banter with :p if easily butthurt...dont bother lol :)
bigpopa June 2017
(new) Old but new (5)
Thinking about coming back on ere after a break. If u have chatted to me over the previous 12 Yeats then feel free to get in touch Lee xx
frutcake June 2017
(new) Middle bit... pinned [7300]
Yep that tis be where im from...
deepthideepu June 2017
(new) Hello friends [19]
Hey iam new here. I need a good friends
1towatch June 2017
(new) I've returned! (2)
I've come back after a while away, so I'm looking on the look out for new friends. Please feel free to send a friend request and I'll be sure to accep

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