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+ New Topic 2 days
(new) Groups on pro game. pinned [131]'/>Hi. Do u have a group and u wod lyk more ppl 2 join it, sign here wth yor group name and a brief de
ladydom 4 days
(new) Oldbies (6)
Where are all the past wrappers ??? Have they all gone to that wap shop in the sky called FB :(
hyper06 4 days
(new) Well well well [11]
Can't believe this site is still here. Anyway been a long time I seen been on here. Any of my old buds still around? If so add me
meast09 10 days
(new) blood hell! (10)
it's been years since i was on this site, i had forgotten about it.managed to guess my password and logged back in, it hasn't frigging changed in abou
kerplunk1 10 days
(new) rejoined [41]
Not been on this site for a good 6 - 7 years maybe so doubt anyone remembers me lol I used to go in adult chat and use just for fun forum. My tags was
13dafty13 10 days
(new) Back after a few years away.. [14]
Sup folks, Deek here. Not been on in afew years(I found a life) ;) but back for a wee nosey..Lookin for a few buds, Jackie?? Can't remember usernames
foxigalx 11 days
(new) Not a newbie but...... (9)
I'm looking for new buds. Must be able to hold a decent conversation, funny, witty, not sexually motivated in everything that's said. Mark here and if
joybags 16 days
(new) New Last letter game pinned [12971]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure
dave.48 17 days
(new) Looking for buds (0)
New here and looking for online buds. Don't be put off by my profile, I'm friendly and chatty and have no agenda. The choice is entirely yours! Grin.gif
xgulnazx 19 days
(new) cry with wet eyes (1)
If you love someome more than anyone when it left you felt sad?
tubbyjohnson 21 days
(new) Local buddies (1)
I'm not new but I was wondering if I could get some buds that are more local to me, to maybe go out on the lash with or summink. I'm in south Yorks
liam3476 21 days
(new) new here (8)
Hey Liam here what's it like here
rosepink 24 days
(new) Terms to thrive with. Basic rights. (3)
Conditions for getting ahead ..
jakebognor August 2017
(new) I'm new (4)
Hi I'm Jake, I could really do with some buds please, only just joined so my list is empty
gandashane August 2017
(new) newbie (1)
Hai ther have pinoy ther in prodigits,. ?? I need good frnd,.

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