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joybags 9 days
(new) New Last letter game pinned [12969]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure
deepthideepu 18 days
(new) Hello friends [17]
Hey iam new here. I need a good friends
hitman007 18 days
(new) The return after 5 years (0)
sup peeps...not been here for 5 years...:) looking for new interesting FUN ppl to chat banter with :p if easily butthurt...dont bother lol :)
randu 25 days
(new) Make Freinds.. (4)
Hi all iam new at there,iam search a good freinds..
amrick2 29 days
(new) hi (5)
I'm looking to make friends poss find love and connect bud me if intrested im amrick m 49 from Birmingham
frutcake February 2017
(new) Middle bit... pinned [7297]
Yep that tis be where im from...
katie.x3 February 2017
(new) New buds [16]
Feeling bored and willing to accept a few new bud requests (terms and conditions apply) bud me see if ur successful!!
pryerlee January 2017
niceguyben January 2017
(new) Hello everyone (2)
Greetings from skegness. I'm new here. I'm looking for new people to talk to
lun.rtik January 2017
(new) new buds (2)
Inbox me, must be wacky and have good sense of humour oh and over 25
mesmeric January 2017
(new) Conversation? (6)
I have recently had a clear out of buds (leaving me with 5 ha!) for various reasons, including men pretending to be women and shiz like that, but dare
jim3174 November 2016
(new) New one here (1)
Hey guys I'm from Melbourne Australia I'm new on here like to try and make friends with people
kayvink November 2016
(new) some advice please (10)
how do I make friends as a socially awkward person.I just need a few friends.your advice will be appreciated.
joe_blob November 2016
(new) Tumbleweed (7)
Used to be on here many years ago , just happened to come across an advert on google . took a while to remember password . Funny seeing all the ppl in
vivekhot November 2016
(new) hi (2)
who is single and charming girl here....its ok u can add

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