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paibok 8 minutes
(new) Death [103]
How do you feel about this? are you scared that some day you will be dead or are you ok with it?
9362 42 minutes
(new) Well done NHS Hertfordshire [220]
Going to restrict non-urgent treatment for smokers who haven't stopped smoking for at least 8 weeks and obese people who haven't attempted to lose wei
tazdevil 51 minutes
(new) An important message [17]
Hello everyone, how are y'all today? It has been a month since I last checked this site. I kinda just stopped coming on - this place became a ghost to
sensible 59 minutes
(new) Halloween [55]
What's everyone doing? Usually go to town but throwing a party at mines this year. loved.gif
bambi99 1 hour 9 minutes
(new) How good are your manners ? [38]
When do you shake hands for instance ....are you a door opener ...?
psnality 1 hour 31 minutes
(new) Thoughts 10.4 pinned [4387]
Yeah so not sure why the thoughts posts go in 10's, I'm just sticking with tradition dontknow.gif What are you thinking, we on pro want to know yes.gif
1clivey1 4 hours 15 minutes
(new) trump 3.0 pinned [1310]
trump episode 3.....has he built the wall yet?
mrfruity 7 hours 58 minutes
(new) ADOO [17]
Me old Fruit c0cktails. 72degrees in me garden so me thermometer sez. October n am in me Tee shirt
cr4zy0n3 8 hours 16 minutes
(new) Interesting Facts pinned [1141]
Your body uses 200 muscles to take a single step.
r3ckless 8 hours 41 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [2382]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
battyone 9 hours 17 minutes
(new) What everyday words [243]
have been filtered on here. I'll start with some ridiculous ones. sw*llow, yeah, believe it or not. It's a bird or something we do when we eat or drin
shairkhan 9 hours 20 minutes
(new) fill in the blank [53]
I am ______________??
jabes 12 hours 15 minutes
(new) multi-culturism [337]
Success or failure, i see it as a social engineering experiment that is going wrong
carbon.dioxide 12 hours 15 minutes
(new) World's r*pe Capital Delhi (India) [119] reading.gif I don't think this ki
kayvink 12 hours 15 minutes
(new) gay friends needed [29]
that's pretty clear.

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