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peta 5 minutes
(new) Weekend Flavor [29]
It seems very sleep inducing in here, figured I see whats uo with every one this weekend. Any big or small plans this weekend? As for me, an o
psnality 6 minutes
(new) Thoughts 10.4 pinned [3299]
Yeah so not sure why the thoughts posts go in 10's, I'm just sticking with tradition dontknow.gif What are you thinking, we on pro want to know yes.gif
iilmadme 11 minutes
1clivey1 26 minutes
(new) autumn [39]
its official autumn starts today (equinox) soon dark at 4pm clocks go back next month who hates the dark nights/mornings? then before you no it its xm
sisfreak2017 27 minutes
(new) bDing Dong! N Bongs!/b [12]
Does the area where you live have Free Hourly Audible Chimes ect or Quarter hourly if your a bit Fkn Posh! Here several churches ju
9362 29 minutes
(new) Uber (9)
Going to lose it's licence to operate in London. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Many people seem to like uber but seems to have a few dodgy d
phillwin 32 minutes
(new) prodigits in the woods cast (4)
Who would play who
straxus 56 minutes
(new) Question about brexit [221]
what happens with eurostar could i still travel from england to france after the uk leave?
obi_jon 5 hours 5 minutes
(new) Space Watch pinned [4095]
**official astrophysics thread** A large supernova is currently visible in the night sky. The closest to earth that astrophysicists have observed
1clivey1 5 hours 14 minutes
(new) trump 3.0 pinned [297]
trump episode 3.....has he built the wall yet?
3mel 6 hours 44 minutes
(new) explosion at Parsons Green station [369]
just hearing on the radio that there's been an explosion on a train. a few people are reported to have suffered facial burns when a bag at the end of
birdy 12 hours 16 minutes
(new) Poetry. pinned [1195]
Do you like it? I'd like to hear (well, read) some, if anyone has any they like, or wrote themselves. Any kind.
wolf.1 13 hours
(new) council [43]
how many of you live on a council estate?
reallyu 14 hours
(new) Crushes! [258]
Sooooo...I have a secret crush on Mickey, psnality n liambrwn crazyforyou.gif... funny, sarcastic, intelligent white guys within my age range of prefere
xxzeroxx 15 hours
(new) Who's next? pinned [498]
Here's the topic to guess who will RIP next. Every year the same topics pop up when someone famous dies. Here you can guess who is next and Rip to the

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