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eyesore 9 minutes
(new) whatsapp refuse to help police [82]'ve read this and I'm not actually sure
cubanheels 31 minutes
(new) britain [118]
in your opinion, what is the roughest city in britain?
4juice 1 hour 7 minutes
(new) live and work [33]
Got a friend doing it, he's already 4 months out of a year into it, he lived in a s**tty town in new zealand and everyday seeing his instagram posts m
kelypso 1 hour 12 minutes
(new) Thoughts 10.2 pinned [4048]
I'm actively avoiding doing things I have to do and so I thought I'd add to the lunacy of having two thoughts posts by adding a third. So share your t
shadow27 1 hour 15 minutes
(new) Neverending Storm [14]
Watching footage of Cyclone Debbie, I got to wondering if there could ever be a storm system that persisted for very long periods of time. How surpris
phillwin 3 hours 20 minutes
(new) I been told [12]
I look like Lennie small
silverjx 3 hours 48 minutes
(new) head transplant... [97]
To be done for the first time by in December. An Italian surgeon will work with a team of 150 staff over 36 hours. Costing 11mfor a terminal ill and
tazdevil 3 hours 59 minutes
(new) Dramatic dream (a bit lengthy) [36]
I did not have a restful sleep. I had a very dramatic dream about this girl who I was friends with in the past, but I ended my friendship with her lat
lunaxxxx 6 hours 30 minutes
(new) The new £1 coin comes out tomorrow [32]
in circulation, u have until October to use ur current £1 coins after which they will no longer be valid money.gif
obi_jon 7 hours 34 minutes
(new) Space Watch pinned [4010]
**official astrophysics thread** A large supernova is currently visible in the night sky. The closest to earth that astrophysicists have observed
1clivey1 8 hours 5 minutes
ladibud 8 hours 28 minutes
(new) united airlines... [47]
bans two young girls wearing leggings from boarding, they needed to change and get the next flight.... the world gone mad?
wozzak 8 hours 47 minutes
(new) Speed dating [61]
Did anyone here ever go to one?
peta 9 hours 8 minutes
(new) What are you doing NOW? pinned [8817]
Feel free to share what you're currently doing. Yes, I'm prying into your daily lives. As for me, I'm propped up in bed sipping a warm cup of
r3ckless 13 hours
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [728]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!

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