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reallyu 4 minutes
(new) Tinder app [16]
So I'm new user on tinder since Monday... Few matches that I unmatched few hours after...n as far as I observe, I won't be there long...So, anyone her
sourface 22 minutes
1clivey1 22 minutes
(new) trump/politics cont.... pinned [1116]
last slowed down so.....
mikeymk 33 minutes
4juice 37 minutes
trunking 1 hour 2 minutes
(new) Rowing [24]
Is it a sport/hobby worth pursuing? Or does it require a lot of effort and resources? Who does rowing here, despite the usual camping and cyclin
ogdenz 1 hour 32 minutes
(new) Wearing The Wooden Pyjamas. [67]
Death it the end? Do you believe there's something after?
ogdenz 1 hour 59 minutes
(new) Baphomet Statue In Arkansas. [19]
A statue of Baphomet has gone up in Arkansas (Little Rock I think). Would it bother you or would you take offense if a satanic statue were erected in
r3ckless 2 hours 25 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [4036]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
trunking 2 hours 42 minutes
(new) Things that make you cry.. [77]
What makes you shed a tear?
mrfruity 2 hours 58 minutes
(new) Objects appear [19]
Closer than they actually are in driver side mirror.. Why? Av bin avin some proper bouts of road rage thinking people am sat up me ars* when they ay b
spacelaw 3 hours 17 minutes
(new) U.k. Tv Guide pinned [2029]
Here are sum tips n reminders as to tonights tv. Starting with c4 6pm the simpsons . Homer meets the rolling stones also with lenny kravits . C5 at 6p
ladibud 3 hours 23 minutes
(new) What are you doing now? pinned [1404]
Version 3.... So,shout, let it all out.... Waiting
ladibud 3 hours 31 minutes
(new) lost friends.... don't just don't.. [34]
when at school I had this friend... lost contact and recently made contact again.... so she sent me a message and said they will be in town, can they
r3ckless 5 hours 31 minutes
(new) the last thing..... pinned [1647]
you bought? chini bought nightmare on elm street disc set and the hills have eyes 1 and 2

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