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sourface 9 minutes
(new) Thoughts 14.0 pinned [1218]
Other one was slow and was asked to repost....Go.
vavav00m 10 minutes
(new) Fav Xmas films [27]
Wats yours got a be home alone n jingle all the way for me
1clivey1 10 minutes
(new) scrabble [14]
Is 70 years old today whats your fave board game? Scrabble/monopoly was mine as a kid
slwnoris 27 minutes
(new) holes in socks? [13]
The heals always goes first on my socks.
trunking 55 minutes
(new) Word Association pinned [1351]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
newt182 56 minutes
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [991]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
sisfreak2017 2 hours 30 minutes
(new) X-mas Gifts for Prodigits Members [44]
Ok what are you getting your fellow prodigits members for Christmas ? Can be anything you want good , bad , funny etc
r3ckless 2 hours 42 minutes
(new) the last thing..... pinned [1887]
you bought? chini bought nightmare on elm street disc set and the hills have eyes 1 and 2
lapple 2 hours 55 minutes
(new) Prodigits users [20]
How long have you been a member here ?.
sourface 3 hours 33 minutes
(new) What was the last thing you watched on YouTube? [412]
Yes I'll wait for theyawn.gif and repost crap yes it's true but an update would be good.
trunking 3 hours 40 minutes
(new) Country known for? [44]
What is your chin.gif country usually known for? What comes to mind whenever it's mentioned? For example, the Netherlands is known for its cheese
slwnoris 4 hours 31 minutes
(new) twitter users [21]
You maybe interested to know the UK government agencies are contacting and applying pressure on the owner to ban certain users, it claimed the agencie
pmbguy 9 hours 41 minutes
(new) coming austerity (6)
the future looks bad. seeing how the government seems to be set on keeping all the state owned enterprises running to save a few thousand jobs at the
jain5j 10 hours 22 minutes
(new) Lonely housewife [23]
Are usualy fat! Why?
tasti2 10 hours 24 minutes

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