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r3ckless < 1 minute
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [4368]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
slwnoris 4 minutes
(new) Ann summers store (2)
The store in the pentagon shopping centre Chatham has a closing down sale, the bottom fell out of knickers.
mikeymk 4 minutes
pseudoc 6 minutes
trunking 26 minutes
(new) Word Association [35]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
r3ckless 29 minutes
(new) the last thing..... pinned [1747]
you bought? chini bought nightmare on elm street disc set and the hills have eyes 1 and 2
slwnoris 45 minutes
(new) diabetes / metformin? [20]
So they say you have it, give you drugs like metformin 500mg.what they don't tell you, this drug can lead to blindness, nerve damage, loss of limbs an
trunking 49 minutes
(new) Male Receptionists [49]
Okay, I'm not talking about front-of-house security guards but actual receptionists who happen to be male. Have to say I've chin.gif never seen one so I
sourface 52 minutes
sensible 1 hour 3 minutes
(new) Depressing weather [572]
It's siling it down here rainy.gif no point even attempting to do my hair. What's weather like where yous are?
pseudoc 1 hour 6 minutes
pseudoc 1 hour 17 minutes
peta 1 hour 17 minutes
(new) Whats for Lunch? [110]
So Im sitting in a park, having a sandwich the babe packed for me this morning. Whole wheat grains bread, salami, ham, turkey, cheese with mayonnaise
straxus 1 hour 21 minutes
(new) Popping out [21]
Where are you popping out to then?
pseudoc 1 hour 26 minutes
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