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birdy 1 minute
(new) School [40]
Were you ever suspended or expelled from school? If so, what for. I was suspended a few times. Smoking and drinking once before mass lol [br
dodgey 5 minutes
(new) Eat or die [111]
If u was in a situation where you couldn't access food and was going to die and the only option was to eat a human corpse would you?
norega 17 minutes
paibok 28 minutes
(new) Flapjacks [37]
With custard or just on own?
kipling 31 minutes
(new) Hello , anybody there? [25]
Have u ever been in a situation of the unexplained? For example , he hearing sounds from a empty room
birdy 53 minutes
(new) Thoughts 10.5 pinned [608]
I don't know why someone just doesn't make one.
silverjx 2 hours 46 minutes
(new) New I'm a celeb.... [69]
Got to be borises dad been the winner this year!...
eyesore 3 hours 24 minutes
(new) Brits are the sixth [61]
Fattest in the world a new study has shown and our fatness is growing even faster than in the states .... [link]
mrfruity 4 hours 59 minutes
(new) Did You [28]
Ava nickname at school?
dodgey 5 hours 6 minutes
(new) Sunday [46]
How are you spending your Sunday? I'm just chillaxing but getting paid for it as I'm on call. Let me know what you're doing. TIA
dodgey 6 hours 21 minutes
(new) Organic milk [81]
Who here knows the importance of drinking organic milk over cheap milk? I will only drink organic blue top milk.
r3ckless 9 hours 24 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [2658]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
mrfruity 12 hours 9 minutes
(new) R. I. P [17]
Malcom Young of ACDC
jabes 12 hours 10 minutes
(new) Shakespeare [69]
Now the king has been found and new research on King Richard III should it be rewritten and adapted
mrfruity 12 hours 21 minutes
(new) Guy Martins (5)
WW1 Tank. Looks like a good prog to watch. He does some good programmes

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