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kaispor 2 minutes
(new) How are you all (8)
i like to chart now, only goodhearted people and original are welcome
bodymist 3 minutes
Cheers Happy Birthday Schoolboy Eden! Who would think that your 43 eh? When ya still playing wi
1clivey1 7 minutes
r3ckless 12 minutes
(new) the last thing..... [421]
you bought? chini bought nightmare on elm street disc set and the hills have eyes 1 and 2
ungers 19 minutes
(new) The Weed topic....... [158]
Ok, let'see.....Smoked it a few times as a kid.....Then i saw a tube video showing these Dry Herb vaporisers...Long story short, bought a Snoop Dogg h
ladibud 21 minutes
(new) which Disney character are you? [20]
today I am Snow White. I have a piece of apple stuck in my throat.
ladibud 22 minutes
(new) a stupid question. [23]
When you mute a chat on WhatsApp, does it just not make a sound when msgs cone thru or what?
fizzwhiz 40 minutes
(new) Dinner pinned [20479] I'm hungry yumyum what are you having for dinner
wakeup4 42 minutes
kelypso 1 hour 26 minutes
(new) Thoughts 10.2 pinned [5752]
I'm actively avoiding doing things I have to do and so I thought I'd add to the lunacy of having two thoughts posts by adding a third. So share your t
rose01 1 hour 34 minutes
r3ckless 3 hours 54 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [1028]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
slick_01 3 hours 59 minutes
(new) Why? [83]
Why are all of you here? for_sure.gif
birdy 4 hours 5 minutes
(new) The Night Shift [208]
I know we're not all from the uk, who is actually reading this right now, just say hi. I want to see who is left. lol
bobdylan 4 hours 13 minutes
(new) So kerry ... [321]
Met somebody at work , moves out Sunday . Not sure how that happend .... Confuse.gif Well, I always was punching.... NEXT !!!!!!

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