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ogdenz 12 minutes
(new) Druids and Hippies. [47]
Looks like they had a good sunrise to celebrate down at Stonehenge. Anyone ever been there for the any of the solstice's?
9362 25 minutes
(new) Gosport memorial hospital [28]
So 456 people killed here by proscribed painkillers around 20 years ago. Cover up's, 10 year delay in bringing disciplinary action against a doctor. M
1clivey1 45 minutes
(new) thoughts 12.0 pinned [1656]
New post as the other one is sloooow.for many
mikeymk 1 hour 17 minutes
sweetcaroline 1 hour 18 minutes
(new) Mikona tablets [71]
Don't waste your money in getting 1 of these they are absolutely rubbish.I won't b getting another 1.they don't last very long.they should b banned fr
r3ckless 1 hour 58 minutes
(new) World Cup 2018 pinned [224]
Yes a football post. Seeing as it's the world cup coming up , it would be rude not to! I can't wait for the football fest to begin! Another tourn
9362 2 hours 12 minutes
(new) Why I'm no longer talking to white people [104]
About race is a book by renni eddo lodge in which she claims that most white people don't understand the racial problems black people face. Not read i
paibok 2 hours 39 minutes
(new) Universal credit :) [451]
What is the real reason the tories brought this out? their excuse is always it makes the system simpler and it gets people into work but i don't think
say.what 3 hours 4 minutes
(new) How [52]
How does Google know my trade? When I phone someone it tells them my work.. And also how do I stop it?... Should I become unemployed? Might be easist
1clivey1 6 hours 7 minutes
(new) trump/politics:..... pinned [2293]
in office since 20/1/2017 continued:........
paibok 10 hours 16 minutes
sisfreak2017 10 hours 27 minutes
(new) Dinner 1.1 pinned [370]
Seeing as the other pinned topics 20.4k replies and making Android phones meltnana.gif. please lock that and pin this onethank_you.gif[b
xxzeroxx 11 hours
(new) Who's next? pinned [658]
Here's the topic to guess who will RIP next. Every year the same topics pop up when someone famous dies. Here you can guess who is next and Rip to the
council 12 hours 25 minutes
(new) Councils betting tips [163]
I would do this in sport but nobody goes in so each day i will post a tip which should profit 100 percent.
council 12 hours 34 minutes
(new) Councils betting tips (6)
are officially back by popular demand no one else gives you 100 percent profit on this site. Here are my 3 tips for tomorrow at ascot day 3. 2.30- Sha

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