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xxzeroxx 3 minutes
(new) Who's next? pinned [573]
Here's the topic to guess who will RIP next. Every year the same topics pop up when someone famous dies. Here you can guess who is next and Rip to the
lunaxxxx 4 minutes
(new) it's snowing [150]
In all parts of the uk today cold.gif
1clivey1 6 minutes
(new) trump/politics pinned [962]
other post got to slow carried over...............
birdy 34 minutes
(new) Thoughts 10.5 pinned [1566]
I don't know why someone just doesn't make one.
dodgey 46 minutes
(new) Bye Bye EU [298]
You will be missed. Not clapping.gif
tranie 57 minutes
(new) 1 word Now ? [64]
Sum up in 1 word what you need at this very moment ?
shadow27 1 hour 7 minutes
(new) World's Largest Battery [26]
Queensland might have a Big Banana, various other states and regions may have their giant novelty structures.. But South Australia has become the home
castledking68 3 hours 16 minutes
(new) x [13]
hi from uk
r3ckless 4 hours 17 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [2858]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
slick_01 7 hours 15 minutes
(new) 2018 Plans [41]
What type of a year was 2017 for you? Did you achieve what you set out to do during the year? What are your plans for 2018 ?
deusexmachina 8 hours 38 minutes
(new) So I can't [34]
Get into my house because some little t**t is up on a roof down our street and throwing roof tiles at police and my street is closed. Apparently me sh
eyesore 8 hours 54 minutes
(new) Max Clifford [13]
Dead after a heart attack 9 hours 15 minutes
(new) what u watching [58]
right now on tv no matter where in the world you are????
manchesr 14 hours
(new) annoying and funny TV adverts [112]
What ones annoy you or make you laugh? I hate the tena lady one.. The ladies overnight nappies they dance around like they are on summat banghead.gif
recurve16 15 hours
(new) Kirk Douglas [28]
Just turned 101 WOW I thought he was long gone Happy birthday old fella... birthdaycake.gif

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