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shychic2 6 minutes
(new) Random question (0)
When was the last time you were on a plane? And where were you going? You don't have to be specific about the place if you don't want to be. Just an
psnality 11 minutes
(new) Thoughts 10.4 pinned [4510]
Yeah so not sure why the thoughts posts go in 10's, I'm just sticking with tradition dontknow.gif What are you thinking, we on pro want to know yes.gif
wakeup4 12 minutes
(new) Malawi [12]
I'll just leave this here lol.gif fill your boots [link]
dan27notts 13 minutes
(new) Fillet Steak Thursday 2.0 [89]
Back by popular demand! So this thursday we're starting off with a day out of date Co-op Irresistible Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steak
silverjx 35 minutes
(new) Spain.... [114]
Getting tasty in Spain with the Spanish authorities trying to shut down polling booths in the Catalonia region...dont think the government is taking t
dodgey 1 hour 59 minutes
(new) Hello [17]
Hope you're all ok
rose01 3 hours 30 minutes
(new) Movies mash up [18]
Just mix up movie names to come up with a new one..
critical 3 hours 42 minutes
r3ckless 4 hours
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [2392]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
obi_jon 5 hours 50 minutes
(new) Space Watch pinned [4125]
**official astrophysics thread** A large supernova is currently visible in the night sky. The closest to earth that astrophysicists have observed
1clivey1 7 hours 40 minutes
(new) trump 3.0 pinned [1455]
trump episode 3.....has he built the wall yet?
wvwolf 7 hours 40 minutes
(new) Football bets! [17]
Anybody got any teams they think will win today? Gota go now but will check back in a bit and post my best bets of the day...
sensible 9 hours 41 minutes
(new) Halloween [77]
What's everyone doing? Usually go to town but throwing a party at mines this year. loved.gif
slago 10 hours 24 minutes
(new) rap verse [121]
I'm not the average mc on the radio.. My swags not defined by the price of my clothes.. I write poems, bring cyclones, at night home, I'm psycho.. Sam
slick_01 12 hours 14 minutes
(new) Your Face [51]
When you look at your face in the mrror each morning, what's the first thought that comes to your mind? As for me the first thought is 'hey sexy,

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