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1clivey1 23 hours
(new) nokia3310 (7)
has been relaunched this month with a bigger colour screen orig snake game 16gb memory expandable to 32gb has sd slot,front cam only tho and its only
punchi February 2017
(new) nokia 5212 problem (1)
my nokia 5212 is always re starting any body knows how to fix it?????????????????
jager45 January 2017
(new) NOKIA R.I.P [14]
Yes peeps, soon no more the name NOKIA. Thanx too microsoft.
vopopez January 2017
(new) What your model [82]
Just submit your model
jubz October 2016
(new) urgent!!!!! (1)
My nokia 530 is stucked at the Microsoft tab n wont start up what do I do...
obakeng October 2016
(new) Free internet for Nokia phones (10)
If u want Operamini handler free internet on ur nokia phone i can help........C1,C2 nd C3
skat3rbooi August 2016
(new) asha 201 (0)
i sometimes use my old asha 201 the problem is the pics i take with the camera .when i preview a photo its often 2mb but after a while when i check it
ndrau July 2016
(new) S40 SPEED UP ! (6)
Change your phone date to 04/08/2005 then go to the TO DO app and add 2 to do's first Subject: Speed, Due Date: 04/08/2005, Priority: High and second
roshanallu June 2016
aznmitzz June 2016
(new) Nokia Collectors? (2)
Are there any Nokia Collectors in this forum? I started to collect a couple Nokia models a long time ago... Since Nokia have pretty much gone I've sta
ulaser May 2016
(new) NOKIA FIX. [24]
If you are facing any difficulties with your Nokia phone which may be just a minor fault, post your problems here and get it fixed!
ndrau April 2016
(new) PTT (0)
Does the nokia phone on cell c or vodacom have the push to talk feature and how do you set it up ?
ndrau April 2016
(new) Pre installed apps (0)
I have a Nokia 210 with a S40 how or with what can I remove some of the pre installed programs ?
jeptech April 2016
(new) an engineer (1)
am an engineer who can help u with compver, radhos al electronic phone software
ndrau April 2016
(new) Free wap SA [16]
I know that there are some chatsites u can go to with no money on ur sim and prodigits is 1 of them the others I can not mention because it gets delet

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