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budz3510 January 2017
(new) samsung gear 2 neo not charging (0)
immediately upon charge.. solve the problem. use wristband.
quine January 2017
(new) galaxy a3 (5)
I dont get predictive text while using this site. My iphone makes me look intellwngenf lol and not like i have fat fingersIs there any way i can chang
mtamer26 January 2017
(new) Samsung S5 (6)
How can I upgrade my S5 sm900f to android 6.0
thesayan January 2017
(new) S6 screen (2)
Where is the cheapest to buy a replacement LCD for a S6
belond January 2017
(new) Whats ur model? pinned [334]
Whats ur phone model.
mopac November 2016
(new) Samsung GT-S5282 (3)
Hello people, I have a Samsung GT-S5282 unfortunately its failing to boot up. It justgets stuck on Encryption failed. Unable to complete encryption du
ogdenz September 2016
(new) Galaxy S7. [19]
Anyone thinking about getting the S7? Its looking pretty good! If you are why? If not why not?
mopac July 2016
(new) Note 4 Keeps restarting (8)
Hello everyone, I am kindly asking for some help. I have a Note 4 and this morning, it kept on rebooting itself. I tried resetting it by holding the p
honey23x June 2016
(new) samsung S3 (4)
my phone is completly dead, wont turn on or charge. No water damage either lol x model GT-19300 hasnt been droped either, i took it to a local repair
mopac May 2016
(new) Samsung Tab P1000 (0)
Hello guys, I have a Samsung Tab P1000 with unknown baseband and unknown IMEI number. Is there anyone out there who can help me fix it? I tried Octopl
lucky13 May 2016
(new) Samsung s6 edge (4)
Getting this tomorrow any tips or hints to help me on my way? Music apps etc
sianxw April 2016
(new) Samsung S4 Wifi (7)
How comes the WiFi keeps going off?
tee4mac March 2016
(new) Galaxy note 3 (3)
guys when is Samsung rolling out android marshmallow for this great device .last year I saw an article stating every device which can be updated to lo
toddster February 2016
(new) *SGH GAME REQUESTS * pinned [110]
If you want a samsung game and cant find it anywhere then leave a request in this topic instead of creating a new topic just for one request and a mem
johnh1 February 2016
(new) sim free note 4 (3)
Hiya guys can anyone help me out I bought a note 4 from Samsung website and currently use ee 4g but I've now moved to o2 and I'm not receiving 4g even

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