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ogdenz 1 day 21 hours
(new) Galaxy S7. [30]
Anyone thinking about getting the S7? Its looking pretty good! If you are why? If not why not?
belond 1 day 23 hours
(new) Whats ur model? pinned [345]
Whats ur phone model.
budz3510 April 2018
(new) Samsung Note Edge (8)
Still the best Note among the Note.
mopac April 2018
(new) SM-G935F Downgrade (5)
Hey people, I have a Samsung Edge G935F unfortunately after upgrading to 7 from 6, it now has 00000000000 as the IMEI. I tried repairing with Chimera
honey23x February 2018
(new) samsung S3 (5)
my phone is completly dead, wont turn on or charge. No water damage either lol x model GT-19300 hasnt been droped either, i took it to a local repair
kennyf January 2018
(new) Samsung s5 camera - autumn colour setting (1)
Does anybody know a way or app to get this setting back I had on my note 2. I really need it and surely it's a setting on one of the 100s of camera ap
margiddy June 2017
(new) screen froze (1)
Pls help.wen I turn phone name cums up.but it seems stuck on tha and dus nofin els.pls help.thankyx
budz3510 April 2017
(new) samsung gear 2 neo not charging (1)
immediately upon charge.. solve the problem. use wristband.
quine January 2017
(new) galaxy a3 (5)
I dont get predictive text while using this site. My iphone makes me look intellwngenf lol and not like i have fat fingersIs there any way i can chang
mtamer26 January 2017
(new) Samsung S5 (6)
How can I upgrade my S5 sm900f to android 6.0
thesayan January 2017
(new) S6 screen (2)
Where is the cheapest to buy a replacement LCD for a S6
mopac November 2016
(new) Samsung GT-S5282 (3)
Hello people, I have a Samsung GT-S5282 unfortunately its failing to boot up. It justgets stuck on Encryption failed. Unable to complete encryption du
mopac July 2016
(new) Note 4 Keeps restarting (8)
Hello everyone, I am kindly asking for some help. I have a Note 4 and this morning, it kept on rebooting itself. I tried resetting it by holding the p
mopac May 2016
(new) Samsung Tab P1000 (0)
Hello guys, I have a Samsung Tab P1000 with unknown baseband and unknown IMEI number. Is there anyone out there who can help me fix it? I tried Octopl
lucky13 May 2016
(new) Samsung s6 edge (4)
Getting this tomorrow any tips or hints to help me on my way? Music apps etc

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