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easybud1 3 days
(new) Free Agent (5)
I am a very talented and well trained experienced footballer good with both foot, I can play perfectly over 6 positions on the field, I am a dedicated
njackets 6 days
(new) Boxing pinned [3542]
R there any hardcore boxing fans on this site? Wud like 2 exchange views
18n5abu 8 days
(new) Liverpool [22]
Are going to win the league dance2.gif
r3ckless 14 days
(new) BETS pinned [2742]
Anyone got any on for tonight?
junayd August 2017
(new) Name Ur Top 3 Gr8st Sportsperson (5)
Who is ur favourite or greatest sports man/woman? Top 3 please...
4juice August 2017
njackets July 2017
(new) Mixed Martial Arts pinned [6412] it was about time we had a proper post 4 Pride,K1,UFC,Cage Rage
somali July 2017
(new) Sports (5)
How did you see the success Will Reach Arsenal FA Cup
hotxboy4 July 2017
(new) Indian Cricket team [25]
hey Guys here you can talk abt indian cricket team n all info abt team india,schedules squads..etc
mr.krabs July 2017
(new) Mayweather vs McGregor (10)
Some people actually believe that a man that isn't a boxer can actually beat one of the greatest boxers ever. 49 professional and mostly talented boxe
4eyes July 2017
(new) Celtic v Linfield? (4)
Very probable that these two teams will meet soon in ECL Qualifying Round. Celtic will almost certainly win over the two legs, hopefully the sectarian
silverjx June 2017
obi_jon June 2017
(new) Hull City Post pinned [823]
Thought it would be good to have a Tigers post but I can't really be arsed so if anbody wants to carry this on then be my guest. I might drop in from
frizzl3r May 2017
(new) Premier League (1)
is at an all time low with Chelsea and Spurs in 1st and 2nd depressed2
sithealfloor May 2017
(new) Local rivalry (2)
I'm a Blade and thanks to a good manager we'll be in championship next season. Two of my brothers are windies or pigs. Cos of them hope they go up via

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