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slick_01 5 days
(new) United signs Eric Cantona (2)
Man United has signed past legend Eric Cantona to appear as a special aid for 5 minutes of the first half against their match with New Castle on 18th
njackets 12 days
(new) Mixed Martial Arts pinned [6419] it was about time we had a proper post 4 Pride,K1,UFC,Cage Rage 19 days
(new) man utd for the league??? [29]
Obviously im a man utd fan think we have a good chance of the league this year but still think we maybe 1 or 2 players short. Hate to say it but who e
somali 19 days
(new) Sports (6)
How did you see the success Will Reach Arsenal FA Cup
somali 20 days
(new) arsenal (4)
how do u see winger leave arsenal
4juice 29 days
(new) Chelsea FC pinned [639]
Keep the blue flag flying high!
easybud1 October 2017
(new) Free Agent (10)
I am a very talented and well trained experienced footballer good with both foot, I can play perfectly over 6 positions on the field, I am a dedicated
r3ckless October 2017
(new) BETS pinned [2745]
Anyone got any on for tonight?
njackets October 2017
(new) British Boxing pinned [1948]
Just incase u never realised it,last night we got yet another World champion! David Haye won 2 versions of the World Cruisweight title K.O the champ M
njackets September 2017
(new) Boxing pinned [3542]
R there any hardcore boxing fans on this site? Wud like 2 exchange views
18n5abu September 2017
(new) Liverpool [22]
Are going to win the league dance2.gif
junayd August 2017
(new) Name Ur Top 3 Gr8st Sportsperson (5)
Who is ur favourite or greatest sports man/woman? Top 3 please...
4juice August 2017
hotxboy4 July 2017
(new) Indian Cricket team [25]
hey Guys here you can talk abt indian cricket team n all info abt team india,schedules squads..etc
mr.krabs July 2017
(new) Mayweather vs McGregor (10)
Some people actually believe that a man that isn't a boxer can actually beat one of the greatest boxers ever. 49 professional and mostly talented boxe

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