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silverjx 2 hours 16 minutes
njackets 4 days
(new) Mixed Martial Arts pinned [6409] it was about time we had a proper post 4 Pride,K1,UFC,Cage Rage
frizzl3r 5 days
(new) Premier League (1)
is at an all time low with Chelsea and Spurs in 1st and 2nd depressed2
sithealfloor 6 days
(new) Local rivalry (2)
I'm a Blade and thanks to a good manager we'll be in championship next season. Two of my brothers are windies or pigs. Cos of them hope they go up via
d.boon 9 days
(new) UEFA's Away Goal Rule (6)
UEFA should axe away goal rule for the Champions League and Europa League. If the aggregate is the same after 90 minutes it should go into extra time
4juice 9 days
strawfox 25 days
(new) NHL (6)
4juice April 2017
(new) Chelsea FC pinned [638]
Keep the blue flag flying high!
nothrils April 2017
(new) The masters (4)
Who's winning then .. Speith looks a shoe in but the weekend at the masters produces the very best from the greatest ..
d.boon March 2017
(new) England v Lithuania (0)
I reckon Lithuana are going to make it tough for England, they are going to pack their midfield and drop deep, my prediction 2-0 to England
prbxselfnetwork March 2017
(new) Soccerduet (1)
Lets Dine With Soccer!!Whats The Latest Soccer News You've Just Heard?? hmmmm-i wouldnt blame pep guardiola for man city loss.would you?
1stan2 March 2017
(new) Man City Post pinned [2048]
all the top teams have one so city are havin one,need to beat birmingham tonight to keep well away from spurs and keep chelsea at bay,think utd have s
rawtex March 2017
(new) haye vs bellew....predictions (4)
haye to win inside 4rounds for me.what's eveeyone else's opinions?
hotxboy4 February 2017
(new) Indian Cricket team [20]
hey Guys here you can talk abt indian cricket team n all info abt team india,schedules squads..etc
d.boon February 2017
(new) Will Klopp Be A Flop At The Kop [18]
I reckon Klopp will be a semi hit at Liverpool, my prediction is they will finish 3rd or 4th and maybe win the FA Cup or League Cup

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